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EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd


EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the top industrial robot manufacturers in China. It can provide customers with a full range of industrial robot products and cross-industry intelligent manufacturing solutions. EFORT has 17 subsidiaries and has a smart coating robot R&D center and an intelligent robot application center in Italy.

Company Name

EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd


Wuhu, Anhui


Automobile industry

Replaced System


Implementation Product

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Core Function

Marketing + sales management + after-sales service management

Implement SAP Hybris Cloud to standardize the company's marketing and sales processes, improve staff productivity and control the company's sales process to support the rapid growth of future business.

-- PM Zhang

Core Earnings

Implement management projects and product sales within one system

The marketing, sales and service teams carry out various tasks on the same platform to reduce the process of communication and coordination under the line.

Seamless integration with SAP ECC systems

It provides a strong process guarantee for the rapid growth of the next business.

Powerful BI analysis tools

Powerful BI analysis capabilities provide real-time business analytics, market forecasts, and support for scientific decision making.


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