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Goodyear is one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers with a global workforce of 64,000. So far, it has established 48 related institutions in 22 countries and has a global presence.

Company Name





Auto Industry

Replaced System


Implementation Product

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Core Function

Marketing + sales management + after-sales service management

With the implementation of SAP Hybris Cloud, sales staff can get online consultations anytime and anywhere through the mobile terminal, and update the system conveniently. It enables us to keep abreast of the progress of downstream automakers and the sales of distribution channels, helping sales managers to better control. And decision making.

-- Project Manager, Gabriel Liu

Core Earnings

Achieve sales management for ToB project

Collaborate with the personnel of various departments on the same platform to achieve information barriers for all departments, and effectively promote the orderly sales of project-based sales.

Realize the management of distribution channel sales system

Channel sellers can update the sales and demand of the distribution system, the sales volume of competitive brands, and better service dealers when visiting the dealers, and can timely grasp the market dynamics and competition.

Complete integration with SAP ECC

The CRM system is fully integrated with the ERP system, and the sales manager can get timely information: business plan, sales forecast, sales execution, etc., from macro to micro, all kinds of required reports, which strongly support the sales management of each business line. .


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