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Shenzhen Lecheng Intelligence Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meicheng Group. At LEGO’s authorized LEGO store, not only will there be a full range of products, but also a variety of limited edition and collector’s edition products, as well as products that will only be sold at such authorized stores, as well as brand-name events and a unique creative experience.

Company Name





IT Retail

Replaced System


Implementation Product

SAP Business Bydesign

Core Function

Finance + Sales + Procurement + Warehousing, Logistics + Project Management + POS System Integration

Currently, the Group is introducing a new LEGO toy retail business and has established a completely independent Lecheng Intelligence Company. Lecheng Intelligence has a plan of 50 stores in 3 years, but from the establishment of the information system to the opening of the store, the time is very urgent, and we are selected together with the ERP and the Store system, even if almost all the first- and second-line ERP vendors are invited. Did not come to the specific document. SAP was chosen because SAP has many features that we need and few vendors can offer.

-- IT Department,Wangyibin

Core Earnings

Completed all deployments in two months

Our first store plan was officially opened on June 2nd, so we started the basic function of the store in early May, and started the ERP implementation on May 20. Despite the intensive store opening during the period, with the support of the SAP partner, the network technology professional consultant team, all the deployments were completed in only two months, and it was successfully launched on July 28.

Implement POS docking for EDI interaction with LEGO headquarters

The group will realize the docking of POS machines this year to interact with EDI at LEGO headquarters, and will also promote the program to new stores.


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