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Luoyang Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd. (LYHT)


Luoyang Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd. (LYHT) is a global leader and provider of molybdenum products. Located in Luoyang City, Henan Province, P.R China, LYHT is a joint venture between Molymet and China Molybdenum Co., Ltd. since 2010 LYHT encourages innovation through cutting-edge research and development efforts and provides reliable products for performance-critical applications.

Company Name

Luoyang Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd. (LYHT)




Metal Industry

Replaced System


Implementation Product

SAP Business Bydesign

Core Function

Finance + Sales + Procurement + Warehousing

SAP BYD is our best choice to run our business in China

--PM,Mario Lama

Core Earnings

Rapid deployment&implementation Fast launch

Only take 12 weeks to get system launched.

Powerful financial management skills

The SAP Business Bydesign system is capable of simultaneously issuing statements in Chinese accounting standards and international accounting standards.


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