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Thales Group(HK)


Thales eSecurity is a leader in advanced data security solutions and services that provide trust anywhere you create, share or store information. We ensure that corporate and government data is secure in any environment (internal deployment, cloud deployment, data center and big data environment) without sacrificing business agility. Security not only reduces risk, it is also the driver of digital initiatives that are now infiltrating into our daily lives – digital currency, electronic identity, healthcare, connected cars and the Internet of Things (IoT) and even home appliances.

Company Name

Thales Group(HK)




Professional Service

Replaced System


Implementation Product

SAP Business Bydesign

Core Function

Finance, procurement, sales, project management, employee self-service reimbursement

Core Earnings

Integrated management system

Based on the SAP Business Bydesign platform, a unified management system is established, and multi-service lines of dual-regional and national (Hong Kong and New Zealand companies) are supported. Business-driven integration of business and finance, integration of financial services, and enhancement of the company Operational efficiency.

Manage overseas branches

In line with the requirements for the establishment of new business line companies, the system deployment of Hong Kong Revenue Management Systems and New Zealand Revenue Management Systems was completed in phases.


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