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Omnichannel sales package


Multi-channel retail sales for platform e-commerce, direct sales official website and offline stores

Based on SAP Best Practices, AcloudEAR launched a 600,000-unit “discrete manufacturing package.。

This package is designed to help:

  • Durable consumer goods;
  • Famliy appliances;
  • Health care;
  • High-tech;
  • Other communication industries, such as electronic communication equipment.

Quickly build a platform that enables you to efficiently manage business, expand and compete.


Fast implement:100-day deployed cost controllable; Agile expansion: rich Add-on solution; joint innovation:creating exclusive cloud services, precipitating industry solutions

  • Create a multi-channel sales platform integration solution, establish a sales multi-channel information integration management process
  • Adopting the mid-end OMS platform integration solution to collect and integrate the information data of the front-end platforms to provide a technical basis for the multi-channel sales model
  • Centralized logistics management and information&data synchronization interaction mode

Business areas and configurations

One corporate entity; 50 concurrent projects; 3 sales organizations; 500 employees; 60% project time for remote implementation


Obtain and manage customer, contact and partner data and all related activities;
Sales of standard products, designated products, sales services, rights and interests, etc.
Sales orders, customer returns, etc.
Create, edit and send invoice documents to customers

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Manage other departments’applications for purchasing products from external suppliers and request material delivery or service completion from suppliers within a specified time.
Ability to process supplier invoices and credits in a system

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OMS Add-on

Automatically extract all kinds of sales front-end order data and establish an automatic data management platform with SAP ERP.
Link-Pro and ByD/Sales Front Desk Integrate Data Objects:
– Customer Master Data – Product Master Data
– Logistics master data-price master data

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Warehousing and Logistics

Receiving and returning goods;
Delivery, return to supplier;
Internal replenishment, scrap, stock transfer, etc.
Inventory overbooking, inventory;
Production preparation and planning, production control and confirmation;
Inventory batches, labels, etc.
Task execution and folder management, mobile devices, etc.

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Cash flow

Monitor and manage your payables and receivables;
Input, check and approve travel and other expense statements;
Accurate control of all receipts and payments at a central location

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Financial and
Management Accounting

A complete record of all business transactions;
Manage and monitor fixed assets;
Procurement and material movement assessment, in product evaluation, material cost estimation, etc.
Setting up automatic accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash accounting to determine the allocation structure;
Cost Center Management Accounting, Sales and Profit Analysis, Project Cost Estimation, Cost Accounting, Financial Planning, etc.

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