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High-tech industry package


Oriented to OEM, Semiconductor, Electronic Device, Outsourcing Manufacturing, Software Design, etc.

Acloudear is based on SAP Best Business Practices and has launched a 250,800,400-person-day “Sales Management/Service Management Industry Edition” package.

This package is designed to help:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (Computers, Peripherals, Storage, Mobile Phones, Photography, Medical Devices, etc.)
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronic device
  • Outsourcing production
  • Software design

Rapidly build a unified SAP platform, so that you can efficiently manage the enterprise, achieve expansion and win competition.

High-tech industry package value

Fast implementation: 100 days online cost controllable; flexible expansion: rich Add on selection scheme; joint innovation: create exclusive cloud services, precipitation industry scheme

  • Deeply accumulate customer information and competitor information
  • Management can discover and insight problems in time and take pertinent measures.
  • Providing project promotion strategy guidance and support to improve employee sales ability and sales success rate
  • Improve the convenience and efficiency of marketing staff
  • Improving the Speed and Efficiency of After-sales Reaction

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