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Medical Device Package


For the production, sales and marketing of medical equipment of Class I, Class II and Class III

Based on SAP Best Practices, AcloudEAR launched a 600,000-unit Medical Device Package。

  • This package is designed to help Class I, Class II and Class III medical device production and sales companies and related supporting logistics companies.

Quickly build a unified SAP platform that enables you to efficiently manage your business, expand and compete.


Fast implement:100-day deployed cost controllable; Agile expansion: rich Add-on solution; joint innovation:creating exclusive cloud services, precipitating industry solutions

  • Helping medical device business operations compliance and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Rapid implementation, flexible deployment, support for business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, etc.
  • Efficient and synergistic integrated platform to effectively reduce operating costs.
  • Real-time multi-dimensional business analysis to support corporate strategic decisions and enhance industry competitiveness.

Business areas and configurations

1 legal entity; 1 place of operation / manufacturing plant; 3 sales organizations; 3 warehouses; 1000 SKUs


Acquire and manage customer, contact and partner data and all related activities;
sell standard products, specify products; sales services, equity, etc.; new business leads, opportunities;
sales orders, customer returns, etc.;

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Manage applications for other departments to purchase products from external suppliers, request material delivery or completion of services from suppliers within a specified time;
Ability to process supplier invoices and credit memos in the system

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Cash-flow management

Monitor and manage your payables and receivables; enter, review and approve travel and other expense reports; be able to accurately control all payments at one central location

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Supply chain
planning and control

Demand management, order confirmation, etc.;
material planning;
Procurement proposal transfer to procurement; production proposal transfer to production;
Order transfer to delivery logistics, inventory transfer;

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warehousing & logistics

Receiving, return processing;
Shipment, return to the supplier;
Internal replenishment, scrapping, inventory transfer, etc.;
Inventory posting, inventory;
Production preparation and planning, production control and confirmation;
Stock batch, label, etc.
Task execution and folder management, mobile devices, etc.

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& management accounting

Complete record of all transactions;
Manage and monitor fixed assets;
Procurement and material movement assessmen;
Cost center management accounting, sales and profit analysis, project cost estimation, production costing, financial planning, etc.

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