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Professional service package


Engineering industry for professional services

Based on SAP Best Practices, AcloudEAR launched a 600,000-unit “professional service package.。

This package is designed to help:

  • Building Construction;
  • Engineering construction;
  • Engineering supervision company;
  • Industrial design.

Quickly build a platform that enables you to efficiently manage business, expand and compete.


Fast implement:100-day deployed cost controllable; Agile expansion: rich Add-on solution; joint innovation:creating exclusive cloud services, precipitating industry solutions

  • Project-centric, full-scale business process management
  • Implement project cost and revenue based on project structure
  • Optimize the order-to-cash phase and collect payments by project phase
  • Support seamless docking from purchase to payment
  • Support integration with third-party software
  • Mobile office APP

Business areas and configurations

One corporate entity; 50 concurrent projects; 3 sales organizations; 500 employees; 60% project time for remote implementation


– Create and maintain customer master data; customer level maintenance
– Invoice issuance; invoice management
– Maintain standard product catalogue; Maintain standard service catalogue
– Examination and approval of sales orders; return of sales orders
– Credit limit check; report form inquiry sales order quantity

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Confirmation of receipt and service can be used as confirmation of internal control documents:
– Material Delivery; Service Completion
– Invoice issuance; crediting vouchers.
– Subsequent debits and credits; cancellation of invoices
– Advance deposit

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Supplier Development

Supplier Basic Information Management:
– Vendor Master Data Management; Vendor Level Settings
Purchasing application and order management:
– Create and monitor all purchasing applications
– Procurement approval

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From project creation to project closure
Project planning and Implementation
– Project procurement
– Cost records
– Project Resource Management

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Cash flow

Accounts payable:
– Supplier Account Monitoring; Advance Deposit Management
– Age Statement and Predicted Payable Statement of Unliquidated Projects
Accounts receivable:
– Customer Account Monitoring
– Age Statement and Predicted Receivable Statement of Unliquidated Projects
– Advance deposits; receipts and refunds
Payment management; Liquidity management; Travel and expenses

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Financial and
Management Accounting

A complete record of all business transactions;
Manage and monitor fixed assets;
Procurement and material movement assessment, in product evaluation, material cost estimation, etc.
Setting up automatic accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash accounting to determine the allocation structure;
Cost Center Management Accounting, Sales and Profit Analysis, Project Cost Estimation, Cost Accounting, Financial Planning, etc.

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