Cloud for Sales

User Experience: Get the power of easy

Built for salespeople with today's intuitive social network concepts and collaboration delivered in a sales context, SAP Cloud for Sales is sales friendly and easy-to-use.

  • See all the customer information you need is available at a glance and delivered in the right context

  • Quickly update your accounts, and with real-time updates and message feeds you and your team are always in lock step on the information you care about

  • Tag and flag information for fast access and use shortcuts to complete tasks quickly

  • Be prepared for every call and every close. 

Sales Automation: Manage your accounts efficiently. 

Efficiently manage your accounts with an intuitive solution designed for the way you sell.

  • Easily access sales automation functionality that lets you quickly and effectively manage your accounts

  • Work with colleagues on important documents, tap into intelligence on the competition, and access product and pricing information

  • Keep tabs on opportunity and account performance to sell better while providing your managers the transparency they need

ERP Integration: Bring your back-office up front.

Integrated with your SAP ERP application, SAP Cloud for Sales provides no-hassle access to your back-office information, from products and pricing to quotes and sales orders.

  • Get the latest customer information pushed to you from home base – anytime, anywhere

  • Access up-to-the-minute information from your back-office systems without wasting time hunting for it

  • Leverage faster and more cost-effective integration than with other standalone sales applications 

Collaboration: Sell with the strength of your entire sales team.

SAP Cloud for Sales enables instant, efficient collaboration with your team members and extended sales community.

  • Collaborate effectively with your sales team and business social network to help you win

  • Crowd-source ideas

  • Share sales best practices and relevant information within the context of specific accounts and opportunities

  • Plan and prepare for meetings and presentations on the go 

Sales Analytics: Your dashboard. 

With SAP Cloud for Sales, you get contextual, real-time customer information and sales insight to help you make decisions quickly – and beat the competition to the punch.

  • Proactively drive your opportunities to close while steering clear of unwanted surprises

  • View sales information with preset dashboards

  • Use embedded reports to track sales cycles, wins and losses, and revenue trends

  • Create configurable reports based on your specific needs 

Mobility: We go where you go.

SAP Cloud for Sales supports a wide range of mobile devices including the Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, and a variety of RIM BlackBerry devices.

  • Work the way you want with native support for BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad devices

  • Integrate with the latest version of Microsoft Outlook

 Microsoft Outlook Integration:

Leverage the tools you use every day

  •   SAP Cloud for Sales works with your existing e-mail and calendar applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.

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