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OA Integration

Perfectly integration of SAP Cloud ERP and OA

The use of collaborative OA information portal and information synergy, through the integration to build job portals and collaborative work. Only by giving full play to the advantages of both, and by cooperating with OA’s information aggregation and flexible approval flow + SAP’s powerful system back-end and refined business management, enterprises can truly benefit from information management.

User integration

Unified user identity, allowing users to access SAP Cloud ERP data through user rights mapping, saving SAP Cloud user authorization

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Data integration

Ensure the integrity and accuracy of SAP data, unify data caliber, and ensure the consistency and correlation of data in each system

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Process integration

SAP initiates the process, adapts the complex approval requirements of the enterprise in the OA and performs the approval. After the approval, the SAP is automatically submitted to improve the operational efficiency.

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Report integration

OA directly reads SAP data to generate a fast-access report portal that leverages data value. Report and process integration, instant response in business processing, analysis of query requirements

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Mobile integration

Put SAP into mobile APP, WeChat, nail, respond to anytime and anywhere, push notifications in time, and accelerate business process processing.

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What AcloudEAR can do for you

>Offline approval electronic to improve efficiency
>Integrate complex processes into OA to build complete enterprise processes
>Event-triggered class work is integrated into OA to reduce administrator workload
>Establish a unified operations portal to build an end-to-end process


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