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What is the favorite of ERP, top 500 machinery manufacturers?
SAP system is the only management system to realize the comprehensive integration of end-to-end business processes. Through rapid implementation, best practice solutions In particular, SAP s / 4hana cloud for large and medium-sized machinery manufacturing enterprises has been rated as the leader of global SAAS and cloud ERP system by IDC.

Machinery Manufacturing ERP and the “Smart Factory” you expect
What kind of mechanical manufacturing ERP can help mechanical manufacturing enterprises better realize intelligent and digital, enhance the core competitiveness of mechanical manufacturing enterprises, and resist all kinds of sudden risks?

ERP software for mechanical production, SAP software will be the first choice?
More than 90% of the global machinery manufacturers in the latest Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 use sap to manage their daily business, with more than 12200 customers in the global machinery manufacturing industry. In China, most of the leaders in machinery manufacturing industry use SAP as the core system of their business operation.

Construction machinery management system, what kind of more relaxed?
Sap, the world’s leading provider of enterprise management application software, provides all-round digital transformation and intelligent management support for machinery manufacturing enterprises, whether it is R & D, production, sales, after-sales service, or supply chain management.

How strong is the enterprise after ERP transformation of mechanical processing enterprises?
The essence of ERP transformation of machining enterprises is to embrace industry 4.0, and the three major themes of industry 4.0 are intelligent factory, intelligent production and intelligent logistics.

What core problems need to be solved in ERP of mechanical manufacturing?
The core problems of enterprises, such as the impact of digital era, industry 4.0, big data and Internet of things, are all there, waiting for enterprises to solve a series of problems.

What challenges do you need to face directly in mechanical production ERP?
In the white paper, acloudear said: machinery production and even the whole machinery manufacturing enterprises have to face two challenges, we call it internal and external troubles for short!

What kind of management system can be called excellent machining ERP?
99% of the machinery manufacturers in Forbes 2000 are using SAP solutions! So let’s see the elegant demeanor of excellent machining ERP.

What kind of mechanical management software do the top 500 enterprises usually use?
There are so many ERP mechanical management software in the world, why do they show the trend of non sap?

What advantages can ERP system of construction machinery bring to enterprises?
Under industry 4.0, the core of ERP system of construction machinery is to establish digital accounting platform, intelligent manufacturing platform (Digital Supply Chain & Intelligent factory), and customer-centered innovation service platform. Intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factory and digital supply chain are the small goals of digital transformation under the fourth industrial revolution.

How to improve customer satisfaction through cross-border e-commerce commodity traceability system?
How to realize the traceability of cross-border e-commerce products? Also need to rely on the current advanced ERP to help enterprises achieve the traceability of goods.

How to trace the origin of cross-border e-commerce products and how to make the supply chain opaque?
If you want to realize the traceability of cross-border e-commerce products, it is not difficult to crack the opacity of the supply chain. The key is to select the right ERP, especially cloud ERP, to give real-time feedback.



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