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  • Accelerating Globalization Expansion
  • Completing Intensive Management
  • Achieving Innovation
Accelerating global expansion

1.Strengthen customer touch: In order to expand customer base and sales, expand channels
of sales and customer service to improve quality.

2.While using multiple channels to expand the customer base, fully utilizing the
characteristics of each channel to improve user convenience and achieve higher levels of
customer service is an important way for us to improve competitiveness.

Completing Intensive Management

1.In the process of globalization, in order to strengthen and improve efficiency,
corporations are intensive in the allocation and operation of overseas locations.

2.Reorganize and strengthen the complex and inefficient corporate business and sales
promotion. Improve business competitiveness by achieving business operations at a lower
cost than competitors and enhancing business advantages.

Achieving Innovation

1.Low cost, high speed and high quality of business processes

2.Open up new business and new transaction form

3.Use IT’s analysis capabilities to discover new rules and provide high-precision
forecasting information.Such as: using today’s big data for data analysis.

Experience SAP ERP
Extraordinary business and financial integration

Stronger control – ensure strategic direction
Faster explosive power – seize the economy
Lower operating costs – maintain business advantage

  • nique Data

  • eamless

  • ree Expansion

  • uick Deployment

Business Analysis

Sometimes, what I lack is not a smart brain, but an eye that sees the truth.

>forecasting, planning, analyzing
>Achieve the best balance between production and marketing

Strengthen customer touch and
improve competitiveness

AcloudEAR provide:full channel management of
e-commerce,cross-border e-commerce and new retail

>Expand customer base with multiple channels
>Improve user convenience by using the features of each channel
>Achieve higher levels of customer service

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The ByD system helps us achieve the high-demand, high-quality management goals of large-scale aviation industry processes.

-- PM,Richie Zhu

The ByD system helps us organize the company from all dimensions through the project, and at the same time, it has taken a new step in the management level and standardization of the company.

-- Project Manager, Zhang Jian

Through the implementation of SAP SAP Hybris Cloud, a complete system and system covering the market, sales and after-sales has been established, which realizes the unified and transparent data, and provides powerful support for all levels of managers to clearly understand sales and after-sales service.

-- Marketing Director, Li Zhidan

Currently, the Group is introducing a new LEGO toy retail business and has established a completely independent Lecheng Intelligence Company. Lecheng Intelligence has a plan of 50 stores in 3 years, but from the establishment of the information system to the opening of the store, the time is very urgent, and we are selected together with the ERP and the Store system, even if almost all the first- and second-line ERP vendors are invited. Did not come to the specific document. SAP was chosen because SAP has many features that we need and few vendors can offer.

-- IT Department,Wangyibin

With the implementation of SAP Hybris Cloud, sales staff can get online consultations anytime and anywhere through the mobile terminal, and update the system conveniently. It enables us to keep abreast of the progress of downstream automakers and the sales of distribution channels, helping sales managers to better control. And decision making.

-- Project Manager, Gabriel Liu