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Maintain Leadership in Medical Device Industry

Maintain Leadership in Medical Device Industry

With SAP Cloud Solutions, you can build a standardized, simplified, and unified information platform, integrate sales channels, business operations, and customer relationships to achieve efficient business operations, accelerate business development and transformation, and maintain industry benchmarking.

  • Collaborative R&D and Compliance

    Project and product portfolio management
    Compliance product lifecycle management
    Product and project holes
    Environment, health and safety
    Meet compliance requirements

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  • Strategic sourcing and procurement

    Collaborative sourcing and contract management
    Operational procurement
    Supplier management
    External workforce management
    Invoice and accounts payable management
    Procurement analysis

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  • Demand-driven supply network

    Sales, inventory, and operations planning
    Demand management
    Response and supply management
    Warehouse management
    Response coordination
    logistics network

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  • Multi-channel sales,
    marketing and service

    Real-time insight
    Fast, flexible marketing
    Collaborative sales team automation
    Omnichannel business
    Omnichannel customer service
    Field service management

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  • Compliance

    Medical device manufacturing and quality management
    Manufacturing network
    Asset operation and maintenance
    Digital Network Operations Center

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  • 60 times

    Stakeholders of companies committed to business model innovation receive a 60-fold higher total
    return on investment over five years compared to their peers focused solely on product and process innovation.

  • 70%

    70% of global discrete manufacturers will provide smart, connected products that drive the market’s
    need for new digital supply chain capabilities.

  • 60%

    60% of high-tech CEOs are worried that the rapid development of technology that cannot respond
    immediately will damage the development prospects of their companies.

  • Enterprises hope to create a new situation for patients, doctors, nursing service providers and medical device manufacturers to work more closely together to achieve a common goal: to improve the treatment effect of patients.

  • Enterprises need to constantly innovate in the whole value chain in order to promote profitable growth, and in the purchase, use and payment of products and services, to meet customer needs. Through the SAP manufacturing industry value roadmap, according to your business sector in the value chain, when implementing the goal of digital transformation, obtain business functional requirements analysis and recommendations.

Comprehensive management of medical device business

  • Finance

    Integrate financial processes with automated, real-time analytics and turn them into forward-looking business insights across the enterprise.

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  • Procurement and business network

    Simplify the procurement process across the enterprise, increasing compliance and control while reducing costs and risks.

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  • Business analysis

    Analyze data, accurately predict and efficiently process complex events.

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  • Human Resource

    Simplify the human resources process, improve employee engagement, thereby enhancing business results, enhancing employee autonomy, and cultivating talent.

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  • Manufacturing

    Gain a competitive edge by optimizing the global manufacturing network, reducing inventory and synchronizing logistics. Achieve optimal execution with better control and clearer visibility.

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  • Marketing, sales, after-sales management

    Automate the mobile sales team to deliver a superior customer experience and sell more products from anywhere.

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