Gold-tax Integration

Realize the automation of gold-tax invoice billing

Realize the automation of gold-tax invoice billing

Golden Tax Integration refers to the integration of the enterprise VAT invoicing system with SAP Cloud ERP, which enables connections through specific data interfaces, reduces financial invoicing steps, and facilitates the use and management of SAP Cloud ERP.

Business data and tax control data consistency

Real-time reflection of changes in account funds to facilitate financial monitoring and decision-making.
The enterprise accountant can pay the supplier payment and employee payment in real time in the SAP system without logging in to the banking system, and timely process the accounting, and directly query the unaccounted business in the SAP system.

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Simplify the billing process without having to manually rework

No need to manually re-enter, reduce the work intensity of the billing staff, simplify the billing process and improve work efficiency

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Real-time query for data sharing and interaction

Billing data is backfilled into the SAP Cloud ERP business system in time for data sharing and interaction.

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What AcloudEAR can do for you

>Automated operation without manual entry
>Invoice information and sales documents integration, eliminate human input errors
>Improve billing efficiency and save waiting time
>Invoice information real-time query

Invoice management business scenario

Document Import

Support for Excel import (Excel 2003, 2007, 2010) Connect to the database Customize (implement custom import data according to different situations of the enterprise)

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Automatic billing
The billing progress can be tracked and can be stopped midway.

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Invoice maintenance

Invoice adjustment; invoice export
Copy document; red letter invoice document
Invoice invalidation

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Create bank transfer payment requests

Add, modify, delete Consolidation (supports multiple document consolidation, same document detail consolidation) Split (support manual split, automatic split maximum amount, maximum detail) setting status

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Automatic generation of vouchers and general ledger invoice data

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