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Easy management of e-commerce multi-store business

Easy management of e-commerce multi-store business

Scientific standardization of global e-commerce business processes, seamless docking of commodities, orders, inventory data, global delivery, efficient choice!

  • Cross-platform multi-store management

    In view of the business characteristics of multi-stores and multi-warehouses across platforms, a one-stop order management solution is provided.
    Online shop orders centralized processing, unified order delivery.
    Multi-platform inventory information linkage, real-time inventory warning reminder, to prevent inventory goods out of stock, oversold.

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  • Intelligent Matching Warehousing Logistics

    Intelligent matching of delivery warehouse and logistics platform can be realized according to the information of consignee area and warehouse location.
    Effectively enhancing the operation capacity of e-commerce can save warehousing and logistics costs by more than 15%.

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  • Order Automation Processing

    Multi-stores order synchronization, high efficiency and stability, a large number of order data can achieve batch audit.
    It also supports merchants to flexibly disassemble and deliver orders based on inventory, consignee, shipping address, supplier and other information.

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  • Omnidirectional Visualization of Order

    Real-time view of store experience data statements: order details, refund details, sales details, financial statements, profit details.
    Let your shop operation data visualization, profit and loss at a glance.

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Domestic & Cross-border Business Management of E-Commerce

From orders, warehousing to finance and analysis, we all have solutions that can help the whole channel achieve better, faster and simpler operation. Constructing interconnected enterprises and realizing sustainable development of enterprises.

  • Order management

    Real-time order synchronization, automatic order grabbing in seconds;
    Order batch audit, intelligent interception of abnormal orders;
    Multi-platform electronic surface single batch printing, intelligent matching express delivery;
    Support automatic splitting and merging orders

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  • Warehouse management

    Cross-platform multi-store inventory real-time update, accurate synchronization;
    Support weighing, inspection, external intelligent equipment;
    Accurate inventory, stock shortage warning and oversold prevention;
    Supporting virtual inventory and multiple synchronization strategies

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  • Commodity management

    Full channel commodity information sharing, and support batch editing;
    Support customized cargo number, SKU, unique code management;
    Supporting the promotion management of activities such as buying, giving, etc.
    Intelligent management of combined commodities

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  • Financial management

    Automatically generate receivables/payables form with clear current accounts.
    Intelligent management of inventory costs, refundable financial information;
    The platform checks accounts clearly and simplifies financial operations.
    Support custom generation of multiple financial statements

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  • Purchasing management

    Seamless docking of suppliers, various procurement channels;
    Support to add purchase plan, automatically generate purchase order, purchase warehousing operation;
    Support intelligent purchasing mode to meet the demand of purchasing returns;
    Perfect Solution of Supplier Purchase Settlement Management

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  • Supply and marketing management

    Support real-time connection to distributors, synchronize commodity resources;
    Support multi-dimensional distribution management;
    Support intelligent supply and marketing scheme matching based on big data;
    High Matching Supply and Marketing Cooperation by Manual Screening

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  • Membership management

    Supporting the unified management of all platform members’information;
    It can realize membership card recharge, integral management and hierarchy management.
    Support multi-dimensional information records, such as birthdays, regions, purchase information, etc.
    Complete record of members’purchase information for secondary marketing

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  • After sale management

    Supports the reminder of return and exchange, and the function of refund during sale.
    Real-time check of after-sale refund and return status;
    Intelligent management of after-sales issues such as exchange, replenishment and return;
    Can view accurate and clear after-sales accounts

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  • Data analysis

    Real-time monitoring of store operation data reports, profits and losses at a glance;
    With the help of data statistics, intelligent screening of high-quality best-selling products;
    Statistics of unsalable commodities, timely adjustment of procurement strategy;
    Data statistics information chart combined with display, clear and intuitive

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