Human Resources

Streamline HR processes to deliver and create great people experiences and improve business outcomes

Streamline HR processes to deliver and create great people experiences and improve business outcomes

Simplify HR processes to deliver and create awesome people experiences and improve business results Simplify HR processes and programs that attract, develop, and retain top talent. Put people at the center of business, turning purpose into performance with continuous, collaborative people experiences that improve workforce engagement, insight, and business results.

Core Human
Resources and Payroll

Simplify core HR and payroll processes to deliver efficiency, global compliance and business success
Build a comprehensive foundation of human resource and payroll capabilities globally. Gain visibility into the total workforce and provide actionable insight. Define and execute people strategies and build HR and payroll processes for organizational success. Provide information and services that add value for all stakeholders across HR and the business.


Simplify talent management to attract, develop, and retain the right talent
Proactively attract and hire the best candidates and onboard them efficiently to reduce time to productivity. Continuously track employee performance and reward results. Enable employees to develop themselves and manage their careers. Empower employees to improve everyday work life and business results.

Time and
Attendance Management

Optimize time-off and time-sheet data management to improve workforce performance
Automate and accelerate your workforce time and attendance management processes. Empower employees to manage their time-related information with greater ease on their mobile device. Managers can access their team members’ information and quickly approve time-off requests. Attain accurate absence planning and time recordkeeping.

Human Capital Analytics

Improve and accelerate workforce decisions, processes, and results with digital solutions.
Transform data into intelligence with predefined metrics and benchmarks, together with powerful capabilities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Provide instant insight and predictive guidance within all our solutions. Add human capital insight to improve and accelerate enterprise-wide business intelligence.

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