Equipment management

Manage entire life-cycle of an entity's assets

Manage entire life-cycle of an entity's assets

The enterprise asset management system is a general term for enterprise information solutions for asset-intensive enterprises. It aims to improve asset availability and reduce operating and maintenance costs of enterprises. With the optimization of enterprise maintenance resources as the core, through informational means, reasonable arrangements for maintenance plans and related resources and activities, and by optimizing the arrangement of maintenance resources, the cost can be reduced, thereby improving the economic efficiency of enterprises and the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Preventive maintenance

Transforming traditional passive overhaul into proactive preventive maintenance, integrated with real-time data acquisition systems for preventive maintenance.

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Track record

By tracking and recording the maintenance history activities of the whole process of the enterprise, the maintenance planning, maintenance processing, maintenance analysis and structural operation records of the equipment make the maintenance plan more and more accurate and feasible.

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Real-time analysis

Use the most advanced analysis tools for financial control and reporting, establish a device fault code system, record the occurrence of each failure, and perform fault statistical analysis.

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