Link-Pro OMS

E-commerce integrated intelligent management

E-commerce integrated intelligent management

Link-Pro OMS builds a complete e-commerce ecosystem – integrates more than 40 kinds of sales platforms, supports and cross-border e-commerce perfect support; supports automatic order processing, improves customer service review efficiency; automatically monitors shipments, no shipments Leak orders; support third-party warehousing, and docking with 30+ logistics system; seamless integration with SAP Cloud ERP, can achieve integration of e-commerce data and financial data; support cloud POS, panoramic member marketing, to achieve precise marketing.


The omni-channel covers physical channels (self-operated stores, franchise stores), e-commerce channels (self-built B2C malls, stationed in well-known e-commerce platforms) and mobile channels (official mobile phone malls, APP, micro-smart stores).

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Improve efficiency
and save costs

The channel of multi-channel channel decentralization leads to the bottleneck of rising human and management costs, the integration of omni-channel resources and optimization, and the integration of online and offline member management systems.
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Establishment of
a panoramic database

The omni-channel operation model is more conducive to tracking and accumulating data on all aspects of consumer purchases.
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What AcloudEAR can do for you

The front-end can dock all the mainstream sales channels (third-party platform, B2C mall, micro-shop, APP, offline experience store). Support multi-storage business, combined with e-commerce operation ideas and SAP Cloud ERP inventory management, procurement management,financial management and other functions.

>Sales channel
>Payment, warehouse, logistics, customer service and consumer integration
>Multi-platform, multi-store management
>Online and offline management
>Omnichannel order,Inventory unified management


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