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On the mechanical inventory management software, can you open industry 4.0?
Only based on the digital thinking of industry 4.0 and with the help of digital technology, can we accelerate the transformation of digital and intelligent enterprises.

Unable to integrate platform management, how to calculate ERP in machining industry?
Integrated management is a kind of thought and idea. Under the premise of such a big idea, we can start from the local to start the digital transformation of small and medium-sized machining enterprises.

Is it enough to realize integrated management in ERP of mechanical manufacturing company?
The real integrated management needs to start from the business of the enterprise, and manage all departments, including the external supply chain and other national unified digital platform management.

ERP system of machinery manufacturing industry, how to lead enterprises to industry 4.0?
Digital transformation not only needs excellent ERP, but also needs to develop its own strategic planning according to its own development path and the direction of industry 4.0, so as to find a suitable ERP system for mechanical manufacturing industry.

Can not non heavy gold go to ERP? What should ERP do for small and medium-sized machinery enterprises?
Public cloud does not need to be owned and maintained by itself, but is used to realize its value by leasing. Suppliers only need to ensure its security and efficiency. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is undoubtedly a blessing.

What should ERP software of mechanical enterprises be like in the era of experience economy?
From acloudear’s point of view, experience economy is a stage of social evolution in which service is the stage and commodity is used as props to integrate customers. Under such an economic mode, the core goal of ERP of mechanical enterprises is to create excellent customer experience.

How to realize integrated digital management in ERP management system of mechanical manufacturing?
In acloudear’s white paper on digital transformation of mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises, acloudear puts forward three directions for digital transformation of machinery manufacturing enterprises. The first point is to build a unified digital core platform to help enterprises realize digital management and operation on a core platform.

Machining ERP system, production or business?
Mechanical ERP not only needs digital and intelligent production, but also needs digital supply chain. It is an important link in the supply chain to get through the upstream raw materials, procurement, and downstream business opportunities to cash.

Precision machinery ERP, on equal to no pain in where?
A digital core platform, to achieve comprehensive integration, to bring a unified digital management platform for enterprises, to achieve integrated management.

How to upgrade the customer experience of ERP in hardware machinery industry?
Hardware machinery manufacturing enterprises need to use a unified system to make all departments face the same goals / targets, and promote the organization to focus on the same thing: customer service.

Mechanical electronic ERP, business reconstruction digital transformation of several reference!
Business model and business process are the key to business reconstruction.

How to choose ERP software for machinery industry?
We need to understand what digitalization has reshaped and what can change the enterprise? In short, it is empowering wisdom, and the next step is to reshape the enterprise. There are three aspects to reshape: business process, business model and working mode.



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