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AGG: Power Up with SAP S/4HANA Cloud
AGG POWER GLOBAL (Hereinafter referred to as “AGG”), the world’s leading emergency power specialist, is a global manufacturer of power generation equipment designed, manufactured and distributed to provide superior emergency power solutions for global engineering and manufacturing industry. And have established long-term and stable relationships with world-class manufacturers such as CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, PERKINS, SCANIA, DEUTZ, DOOSAN, VOLVO, STAMFORD, Leroy Somer, etc.     In recent years, AGG has maintained a high growth with its superior genset products. With the change of digital technology, the original […]

Auto parts warehouse management, inventory is enough?
In order to improve the warehouse management efficiency and level of auto parts enterprises, auto parts warehouse managers need to solve the problem one by one from the perspective of supply chain management and digital transformation.

How to ensure the productivity and quality of auto parts production ERP?
In the complete best practice and end-to-end business scenario of SAP auto parts production ERP, both production and quality inspection have a complete and independent end-to-end business scenario. Through best practice, enterprises can realize the comprehensive control of auto parts production and quality.

Can ERP system in electronic industry really help enterprises resist risks?
In order to resist risks, SAP ERP system puts forward five strategic directions.

Auto parts ERP system, from what aspects to help enterprises reshape?
Smart enterprises need to complete three major reshaping of enterprise Digitalization: Reshaping business model, reshaping business process and reshaping work.

How Can Digital Genes Empower Vorwerk China Succeed In The New Time
VORWERK , originating from Germany in 1883, is a multinational enterprise with a global presence in more than 70 countries and regions; it is also a household name in Europe and a leader in the household appliances market.

Auto parts management software, how to realize the whole value chain management?
The essence of enterprise digitization is business innovation. It is the key technology of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, which is introduced into the existing production system, which helps enterprises to reorganize business and management processes, and form the daily operation panorama of automobile parts manufacturing enterprises more pertinently and practically, and realize data empowerment.

What are the main demands of ERP in auto parts industry?
The six most common requirements of ERP in auto parts industry are: multi organization structure, R & D management, sales forecast management, production plan management, quality traceability and control, and refined cost accounting.

Is it possible to use only one sales system for auto parts sales management?
The management of auto parts enterprises needs to consider the overall situation, start from the local, and create a comprehensive integrated management.

Auto parts manufacturing ERP, how to help enterprises deal with risks
The most important thing is that SAP cloud ERP helps auto parts manufacturing enterprises to establish end-to-end process management from the five strategic priorities (business processes) of the enterprise, so as to help enterprises realize rapid transformation.

What pain points does ERP for auto parts companies help companies solve?
The solution of ERP for the pain point of auto parts enterprises needs to be based on the comprehensive integration of Macro Thinking and practice, rather than a simple and scattered set to change a department, where not smooth governance.

Why cloud ERP is the first choice for auto parts ERP system?
If auto parts enterprises want to succeed in digital transformation, it is not OK to choose an auto parts cloud ERP system. They need more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of digital trend, enterprise development strategy and enterprise digital construction.



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