Customer Engagement and Commerce

In-the-Moment Marketing

In-the-Moment Marketing

Understand the true intent of the customer and deliver contextually relevant experiences across marketing channels Leverage real-time context to market in the moment. With marketing cloud solutions from SAP, you can consolidate customer information into one view to gain insights into customer interests and motivations. Deliver individualized customer experiences that matter, and react quickly to optimize marketing based on the dynamic market conditions.

Customer Insights

Capture dynamic insights in real time to enrich profiles and make data-driven decisions with marketing analytics.
Enrich customer insights and consolidate them into a single view in real time. With consumer insights solutions from SAP, you can uncover hidden trends and opportunities. Anticipate customer behaviors with predictive analytics and advanced visualization solutions, and make better data-driven decisions to fully understand the market.

Marketing with
Speed and Agility

React quickly to market opportunities with marketing automation and integrated operations.
Increase collaboration with internal and external teams through marketing automation that speeds operations and streamlines asset deployment and development. Gain transparency and access to real-time data to make informed decisions, and devise winning marketing strategies such as campaign management and lead nurturing to grow business.

In-Moment Customer

Create in-the-moment customer experiences and individualized marketing across channels
Deliver in-context, targeted offers for in-the-moment customer experiences that reflect each customers wants and needs. Engage seamlessly through personalized interactions across Web, call center, storefront, mobile, or social media channels. Provide innovative, individualized marketing experiences that transform customers into loyal brand advocates.

Empowering Sales to Sell More

Automate a mobile sales force to deliver exceptional customer experiences and sell more from anywhereEmpower your sales force to engage with customers throughout the buying journey in more meaningful ways. SAP offers an automated mobile, cloud-based CRM sales solution to drive revenue growth and give your sales team insights needed to accelerate productivity and sales performance and make quick, informed business decisions in the moment.

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Enable your sales teams to act faster and sell more effectively with sales force automation.
Keep your sales force relevant throughout the buying journey and boost efficiency with sales force automation software. Collaborate and share best practices and focus on the most promising prospects to win customers and close more deals. Use real-time insights to better understand customer needs and deliver a near-flawless customer experience.

Sales Performance Management

Turn strategy into action with solid sales performance management to boost revenue and exceed quotas.
Inspire your salespeople to consistently exceed sales goals by centralizing sales performance management to accelerate performance and increase productivity. Our integrated software can help you plan territories and quotas more efficiently, gain critical insights that help close deals, and provide the latest coaching tools to give your sales team every chance at success.

Customer Service Excellence

Achieve customer service excellence with every service interactionExceed the needs of digitally connected customers with omnichannel customer service excellence. SAP solutions empower field and call center agents to increase productivity and responsiveness to all inquiries. By connecting agents with the right expertise and tools at the right time, you can inspire brand loyalty with every service interaction.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Deliver an omnichannel customer service experience to meet customers’ expectations
Give consumers the seamless omnichannel customer service experience they demand. With self-service and contact center channels and streamlined enterprise customer service processes, service agents have access to the information and real-time collaboration they need to solve even the most complex cases, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Field Service Management

Support field service from every angle with optimized workforce scheduling and mobile apps
Enable and manage comprehensive field service processes, including call taking, service order planning, resource scheduling, on-site service execution, and billing – all with field service management software from SAP. Automate your processes and leverage optimized scheduling functions to make the best use of your resources and meet service-level agreements. Offer your field engineers mobile access to information to increase productivity and data quality.

Service Process and Operations

Access real-time views of customer feedback and boost productivity by collaborating with mobile connectivity
Achieve comprehensive and optimized service processes in a single workspace thanks to SAP software for transparent service operations. See how such service processes can result in higher first-time resolution rates. Enable your service professionals to collaborate, access needed data, and transact in real time – in person or on mobile devices. Align marketing, sales, and backend processes to help ensure that revenue opportunity is seized with every interaction.

Omnichannel Commerce

Transform how to serve modern customers with omnichannel commerce solutions
Transform omnichannel commerce and serve empowered customers using Use our innovative SAP Hybris Commerce solution. Engage and transact with your customers during their buying journey using our omnichannel commerce solution and e-commerce platform.

Data Management for Omnichannel Commerce

Deliver contextual commerce experiences with real-time, rich, and engaging product and customer data
Manage and deliver rich product data to engage with your e-commerce customers consistently over multiple channels and touchpoints using commerce solutions from SAP. Reduce cost and simplify product data and content management processes. You can use real-time user behavior data to tailor their experience and turn browsers into loyal customers.

Omnichannel Commerce Management

Engage customers and drive revenue with omnichannel commerce
Engage your 21st century customers across all channels and touchpoints using our omnichannel commerce solutions. From Web, mobile, social, and chat to contact center and in-store channels, your organization can use our omnichannel solutions to deliver a consistent, efficient B2C, B2B, or a mix of both buying process for their customers.

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