Home Industry Solution Package



Create a multi-scenario marketing and sales integration program, and establish a multi-channel marketing and information integration management process

Acloudear is based on SAP Best Business Practice, the “Home Industry Sales Management/Service Management” package.

This package is designed to help:

  • Deep insight into consumer behavior and demand
  • Creating a Subversive User Experience
  • Strongly support the handling of special situations in international trade-oriented business model
  • According to the characteristics of the home industry, the management of non-standard products, new product customization and development process is deeply customized.

Rapidly build a unified SAP platform, so that you can efficiently manage the enterprise, achieve expansion and win competition.

Value of Home Industry Solution Package

Fast implementation: 100 days online cost controllable; flexible expansion: rich Add on selection scheme; joint innovation: create exclusive cloud services, precipitation industry scheme

  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP to support master data synchronization and end-to-end business processes
  • Solutions include Sales Automation (SFA), Mobile, Analytical, and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Embedded in the complex and ready-made drilling report function, as well as prediction and analysis
  • Mobile applications are included in online and offline functions

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