FTT Lean Production

FTT Meet SAP Cloud ERP

FTT Meet SAP Cloud ERP

FTT is the first pass rate. It refers to the percentage of parts that complete a production process at one time and meet the quality requirements. It does not include rework, renovation, in-plant return, re-testing and scrapping. The first pass rate is an important index used to measure the quality level of the process, which is widely used in the world. Only good process capability can have high FTT to ensure low cost of poor quality.

Reduce the need for inventory in production

Reduce the need for in-production inventory to reduce the time from product to shipment.

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Overall equipment performance improvement

Improve quality input for specific processes to improve overall equipment performance (OEE)

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Improve self-level management

Improve customer satisfaction, and lead the market.

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What AcloudEAR can do for you

>Seamless integration of production, quality management and inventory / data transparency
>Strengthen quality management of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products

>Realize production process traceability: production line and machine management

>Automatic raw material scrapping based on scrap points
>Form an information sharing/analysis platform for quality management


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