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Improve visibility and control to respond more quickly to high-tech needs

Improve visibility and control to respond more quickly to high-tech needs

By quickly analyzing massive amounts of data, discovering new models, adjusting promotions, and adjusting business processes to increase flexibility and reduce costs, you can achieve profitable growth.

  • Customer Service

    Omnichannel customer support
    Field service management
    Service process and operations
    Professional service interaction and delivery

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  • Supply Chain

    Demand management and insight
    Sales, inventory, and operations planning
    Response and supply plan
    Supply chain execution

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  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing operations
    Manufacturing network
    Asset Management

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  • Multi-channel sales
    and marketing

    Marketing with Speed and Agility
    Omnichannel business
    Sales and channel automation
    Subscription billing and management

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  • Product innovation
    and source

    Product portfolio and project management
    Product development and compliance
    Strategic sourcing

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  • 60 times

    Stakeholders of companies committed to business model innovation receive a 60-fold higher total
    return on investment over five years compared to their peers focused solely on product and process

  • 70%

    70% of global discrete manufacturers will provide smart, connected products that drive the market’s
    need for new digital supply chain capabilities.

  • 60%

    60% of high-tech CEOs are worried that the rapid development of technology that cannot respond
    immediately will damage the development prospects of their companies.

  • In a highly interconnected world, every company is transforming into a technology-based company.
    And as the level of intelligence in products and services continues to increase, they will refocus
    on business outcomes.
    Read the white paper to learn how to harness the power of digital transformation and refactoring
    from business models to products.

  • Electronic and High-tech Enterprises need to continue to innovate throughout the value chain to drive profitable
    growth and to meet customer needs in the purchase, use and payment of products and services. Through
    the SAP Manufacturing Industry Value Roadmap, based on your business segments in the value chain,
    you can analyze and advise on business function requirements when implementing digital transformation goals.

Comprehensive management of electronic high-tech business

  • Finance

    Integrate financial processes with automated, real-time analytics and turn them into forward-looking business insights across the enterprise.

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  • Procurement and business network

    Simplify the procurement process across the enterprise, increasing compliance and control while reducing costs and risks.

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  • Business analysis

    Analyze data, accurately predict and efficiently process complex events, while consolidating data from a variety of data sources into a single, integrated platform.

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  • Human Resource

    Simplify the human resources process, improve employee engagement, thereby enhancing business results, enhancing employee autonomy, and cultivating talent.

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  • Cloud and data platform

    Take advantage of business applications that incorporate new technologies such as SAP HANA platform, cloud, and mobile commerce.

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  • IoT

    Deploy high-speed, intelligent IoT applications with business services and technical services.

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How AcloudEAR Digital Business Services help Electron Industry and accelerate business transformation

We offer a wide range of services from consulting, software implementation, software development and operation and maintenance support.

  • Cloud Factory
  • Two-tier IT Strategy
  • Add-ons Solutions
  • Full life cycle companionship
  • Local & Gloable Delivery
Cloud factory service model

To meet the needs of growth companies' fast delivery. Based on years of experience in enterprise digital management, AcloudEAR summarizes business models and comprehensive business management to form industry-based Best Practices.

Cloud Factory Implementation is a pre-packaged standard functional implementation model designed to simplify projects and minimize risk. This service model is mainly used in the business of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Two-tier IT strategy model

Two-tier strategy means that you can retain the original core ERP system in the headquarters operation. At the same time, the affordable but powerful cloud ERP*SAP Business ByDesign solution is deployed in the molecular company or the new BU, which realize the value quickly. Run end-to-end business based on SAP best practices.

This model is suitable for companies that are rapidly expanding, constantly acquiring new companies and deploying business organizations in new global markets.

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Add-ons Solutions

AcloudEAR provides an enhanced solution around SAP Cloud ERP for a fully intelligent, smart enterprise.

Including: Host-to-Host, OMS, WMS, gold-tax integrationLogistics distribution management, MES , FTT lean production, equipment management, OA integration, PLM integration

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Full life cycle companionship

The high degree of extensibility of cloud products determines it will accompany its customers to grow at a high speed for many years.

In order to ensure the customer's experience and ensure that the software is in perfect harmony with the ever-changing business needs and actual processes, we provide paid full-service care for existing cloud customers, including: process changes, activation of new modules, report depth optimization, fault acceleration, personnel capacity improvement, and various consulting services related to other SAP software.

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Local & Gloable Delivery

Global delivery International DNA Bilingual delivery is our advantage. As a member of Unite Vars, the SAP Global Partner Excellence Alliance, AcloudEAR is able to provide project implementation services and follow-up customer services for new companies that foreign companies invest in China.

At the same time, in line with the rapid expansion of Chinese companies, we can provide one-stop global IT deployment planning consulting and implementation services for Chinese companies that acquire companies worldwide.

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