Fully manage multi-accounts across banks

Fully manage multi-accounts across banks

Host-to-host refers to the way in which enterprises connect through the Internet or private lines, so that the financial system of the enterprise and the business system of the commercial bank are connected through a specific data interface.Enterprises don’t need to log in to online banking, they can use their own SAP system to complete functions such as payment, transfer, cash pool collection and bank statement, and automatically register financial information in the financial system.

funding changes

Real-time reflection of changes in account funds to facilitate financial monitoring and decision-making.

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Fund pool collection
and linkage payment

Through the interactive links between enterprises and banks, the transfer and collection of funds will be realized, and the efficiency of capital utilization will be improved.

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manual mistakes

Reduce the manual operation and workload of financial personnel, reduce the mistake-rate and improve work efficiency.

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What AcloudEAR can do for you

Realize SAP Cloud ERP Host-to-Host

Processing of payment, inquiry, etc.
Monitor payments and real-time changes

Easily expand to multiple banks

Expand to multiple interfaces

Flexible and personalized payment approval flow

Increase transparency of cash management
Improve the efficiency of the payment

Business Scenario:Integration of Host-to-Host & SAP Cloud ERP’s electronic payment

Accounts payable

Finance can check the age information of the outstanding accounts payable in the supplier’s account under the Accounts Payable Work Center.

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Create a bank transfer payment request

The finance confirms the detailed documents to be paid under the accounts payable of the supplier, and chooses the payment method and the bank account to execute the payment.

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Transfer payment approval

The superior leader confirms and checks the payment information, and approves and approves the bank transfer after error.

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