Link-Pro WMS

Digital supply chain software

Digital supply chain software

WMS warehouse management system is through the functions of warehousing, outbound business, warehouse transfer, inventory transfer and virtual warehouse management, such as batch management, material correspondence, inventory counting, quality inspection management, virtual warehouse management and real-time inventory management. Comprehensive management system to effectively control and track the whole process of logistics and cost management of warehouse business.

Reduce costs
of warehouse

Take full advantages of your resources, such as equipment, space, time and people, and save more money.

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Gain new visibility and a clearer understanding of inventory, processes, human resource utilization, and warehouse automation.

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Improve efficiency
and accuracy

Standardize processes and procedures to reduce error rates and increase inventory accuracy.

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What AcloudEAR can do for you

>Execute and confirm warehouse tasks in SCM logistics scenarios by using mobile devices
> You can read barcode data as a paper and manually enter a substitute for desktop applications by using a handheld mobile terminal
>Use the scan function instead of the manual data input, you can scan at the same time and enter it into the mobile UI
>The device is directly connected to the customer’s network, so the user posts & confirms the information to the SAP Cloud ERP system online (no middleware required!)



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