MES Plan

Help companies manage production processes and meet process management compliance requirements

Help companies manage production processes and meet process management compliance requirements

MES is the manufacturing process execution system of the manufacturing enterprise and an information management system for the execution layer of the manufacturing enterprise. MES can provide enterprises with manufacturing data management, planned scheduling management, production scheduling management, inventory management, quality management, human resource management, work center/equipment management, tool tooling management, procurement management, cost management, project kanban management, production. Process control, underlying data integration analysis, upper layer data integration decomposition and other management modules

planning management

工Work order release
Material consumption and work in progress status feedback to SAP
Work order completion message feedback to SAP

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Factory work center resource tool establishment
Material, material group, BOM establishment
User rights maintenance
Engineering data maintenance

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Quality inspection and test data collection
SPC analysis (online and offline)
Deviation and risk record, product control

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process management

Production process begins, completes, interrupts…
Production process monitoring
Control of material use

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Material batch number and barcode barcode management
Material Retirement Process (integrated with SAP)
Material confirmation
Material traceability

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Completion of warehousing
and reporting

Work order completion report (SAP integration)
Material, working hours, WIP…

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What AcloudEAR can do for you

SAP Cloud ERP integration with MES

Maintain basic data and business data consistency
Strengthen the collaborative office capacity of each production department, improve work efficiency and reduce production costs
Optimize the production management mode of the enterprise, strengthen process management and control, and achieve refined management.



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