Zhongtian Group: Over 1000 stores and 500000 members, the secret to digital success in the fitness industry

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“Digital” gyms break the traditional management model and greatly improve management efficiency, coaching methods and operating models


1000+stores, 500000+members

What is the secret to the digital transformation of gyms?


Nowadays, with the increasing emphasis on health, more and more people have incorporated fitness into their daily lives, and professional gyms have become an important place for them to pursue a healthier lifestyle. At the same time, gyms are also undergoing a “digital” transformation to better meet people’s challenges and pursuit of health.


“Digital” gyms break traditional management models, significantly improve management efficiency, coach work methods, and operational models, and bring customers a more efficient, professional, and personalized fitness service experience, becoming a new leader in the traditional fitness industry.


Shanghai Yijia Fitness Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongtian Group”) is a well-known fitness brand in China and a leading enterprise in national fitness private education studios. Since its establishment in 2012, it has opened over 1100 offline stores in China and provided services to over 500000 members. At the same time, Zhongtian is committed to helping entrepreneurs and job seekers achieve their dreams. It has successfully helped 700 people realize their entrepreneurial dreams and helped more than 6000 people successfully find employment through training, becoming a legend in the development history of China’s fitness industry.


At the beginning of 2013, Zhongtian’s business has been thriving and showing explosive growth. Now, it has grown into a comprehensive modern lifestyle service provider that covers fitness, training, nail art, hair styling, health preservation, yoga and other service industries.


However, Zhongtian also faces common development bottlenecks in the traditional service industry. In the integration and efficient management of thousands of stores, there are many difficulties encountered, including multi organizational and multi-dimensional management, such as coaching, partner management, finance, procurement and other business operations, as well as multiple market and internal challenges. In the process of promoting global layout, the limitations of group management are more obvious.


To achieve unified and efficient multi store management, bring fair development to elite coaches, continuously empower them to better serve customers, and promote the continuous expansion of the Zhongtian model.


Zhongtian Group is keenly aware that it must rely on digital technology to drive transformation, break bottlenecks, quickly improve management efficiency, and safeguard future development.


After multiple considerations, Zhongtian Group ultimately chose to cooperate with Acloudear Network to embark on the path of digital transformation.


With advanced SAP solutions and years of experience in digital transformation, Acloudear has planned a complete blueprint for the digital development of Zhongtian Group, and built a SAP Cloud ERP solution centered around empowering “smart brain&agile physique”.


01 Unified Smart Brain

By utilizing SAP S/4HANA Cloud and ERP Cloud, we aim to build an integrated business operations hub and build a unified intelligent brain for Zhongtian Group, enabling real-time, efficient, and transparent control over the business, finance, and operations of thousands of stores.


02 Agile physique

Focusing on the business details of Zhongtian Group’s in-depth stores, SAP Sales Performance Management (Human Resources – Sales Performance Management), SAP Commerce Cloud (Customer Experience – E-commerce Solutions) The SAP Business Technology Platform (Business Technology Cloud Platform) integration suite seamlessly integrates with external systems such as Qinniao store management system and OA system, enabling a series of deep application end-to-end specific solutions to empower an agile physique.


Through the organic unity of intelligent brain and agile physique, efficient interconnection, empowering the elite coaching team of Zhongtian Group to efficiently organize performance management, maintain agile and flexible daily store management, and build a smart enterprise with keen insight, efficient collaboration, and scientific decision-making for internal management and external markets, thereby breaking through traditional management and development bottlenecks, and moving towards higher, faster, and stronger digital operation goals.



In the future, with the changes in global business and management needs, Acloudear Enjoyment Network will continue to accompany Zhongtian Group’s growth, deepen business details and process management, continuously optimize and upgrade macro level integration and micro level refined management, fully activate numerous business elements, and continuously empower service-oriented enterprises to develop rapidly in business.


After the full launch of SAP Cloud Solutions, it has vigorously promoted the full digital switching between Zhongtian Group and store management, from group partners to store partners, and the efficient transformation of work methods has accelerated Zhongtian Group’s full digital progress. Combining business has brought about a series of astonishing changes:


Fu Qianhua, CFO of Zhongtian Group:

By implementing the system, it can help Nakata establish a unified and efficient commission management platform, reduce the salary management of over 5000 coaches from the past 7 days to 1 hour, and achieve automated sales commission calculation. We firmly believe in building a brand with our brand, and as long as we stand on the peak of SAP, Zhongtian’s vision will be wider and height will be higher.


Looking at service-oriented enterprises, in order to successfully manage over 1000 stores and 500000+customers, the successful case of Zhongtian Group is of great value as a reference.



Acloudear’s SAP cloud solution for “smart brain&agile physique” in the network helps Zhongtian Group achieve a full digital operation transition from “traditional linear development” to “digital interconnection”, better reducing costs and increasing efficiency, continuously activating organizational energy efficiency, upgrading customer service experience, and bringing good news to more healthy Chinese people for the implementation of “Healthy China Construction”. Let Zhongtian’s model go global from China!


With the continuous development of enterprises, Acloudear Enjoyment Network will always accompany the growth of enterprises, and in the process of enterprise growth, help enterprises achieve core competitiveness and empower them to create sustainable long-term value.

This article "Zhongtian Group: Over 1000 stores and 500000 members, the secret to digital success in the fitness industry" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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