SAP ERP Public Cloud 2402 Innovation Release: Four Disruptive Innovations Help Enterprises Win the Future

Author:Acloudear , 2024-03-01 17:51   
In this version, the application of AI technology has become a prominent highlight, providing unprecedented intelligent support and operational optimization.

The explosion of AI artificial intelligence is leading a huge wave of innovation, and AI driven ERP systems are also constantly innovating and evolving, gradually becoming the core driving force for enterprise digital transformation. It can be imagined that in the future, more intelligent, automated, and personalized ERP systems will completely change the way enterprises operate, becoming an important driving force for enterprises to maintain competitive advantages and achieve sustainable development.


The latest release of SAP ERP Public Cloud 2402 has brought us a series of groundbreaking innovations and changes. In this version, the application of AI technology has become a prominent highlight, providing unprecedented intelligent support and operational optimization. Let’s explore the specific innovative changes.


1、Collaborative innovation


Firstly, let’s talk about collaboration.


The 2402 version brings a more efficient collaboration experience. SAP Collaboration Manager has replaced the chat function of the previous SAP CoPilot, bringing three cool new features:


● Add Insight Card

● Mark comments and chats as read or unread

● Add comments and chats to favorites


SAP Collaboration Manager: Adding Insight Cards


Even better, the new generation of collaborative ERP functionality has now been officially launched! Business users can share their most relevant business data through cards in Microsoft Teams chat. Through these cards, message recipients can directly edit data in the collaborative multi view of Teams embedded in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system.


Not only that, you can also start chatting directly and initiate voice or video calls in Teams. For example, you can interact directly with the issuer of the workflow project in the “To Do” section of “My Home”.



Whether it’s data sharing, real-time communication, or workflow management, the 2402 version provides unparalleled collaboration efficiency and user experience for enterprises.


2、Business process automation


Speaking of business process automation, we have also experienced an upgrade this time!


Firstly, in terms of sales, the automatic material inspection function for customer returns has been implemented. What’s the use of this? In the standard process of customer returns, it is necessary to check the returned products and input the inspection results before processing the next step. With this feature, it is even possible to input inspection results before returning the product. The system will automatically create and complete inspections, using inspection data and the next follow-up activities provided when creating return orders.


Secondly, the combination of SAP Build Hub robots has brought convenience to the processing of personal data. According to Article 15 of GDPR, consumers have the right to request personal data stored by companies, and robots are responsible for aggregating this data into letters, manually reviewing them, and sending them to requesters, ensuring the privacy and security of the data.


SAP Build Hub Robot


3、Machine learning innovation


A new machine learning scenario for automatic completion of sales orders has been introduced through an intelligent scenario lifecycle management framework.


Using machine learning to automatically complete sales orders


Using data attribute recommendations on SAP BTP, this scenario helps complete sales orders by providing recommendations derived from historical data. It significantly reduces manual workload and improves process accuracy.


4、Cloud integration


Finally, let’s talk about cloud integration.


In production and manufacturing, seamless integration of demand forecasting scenarios has been achieved. This bi-directional integration utilizes SAP integration suite as well as SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition and SAP integrated business plan for requirement planning. This means that you can now effectively utilize master and transaction data related to the requirements planning process. This is achieved through the enhanced OData API, which focuses on planned independent requirements (PIRs).



In the procurement field, the integration of enterprise contract management and the Icertis contract system promotes intelligent contract tasks for buyers, sellers, and organizations. This brings benefits such as contract performance optimization, increased efficiency, legal compliance, and enhanced automation, especially in the source to contract process in the automotive and IMC industries. The new features include rule-based writing, collaboration through Teams, and comprehensive management of signatures and responsibilities.



In summary, the update of SAP ERP public cloud 2402 has brought a series of disruptive innovations to users. Driven by AI technology, SAP ERP public cloud is constantly innovating and evolving, accelerating and leading enterprises towards an intelligent and intelligent future. To learn about the latest innovative solutions for SAP ERP public cloud, please contact us at 400-690-3218.

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