How to improve customer satisfaction through cross-border e-commerce commodity traceability system?

Author:Acloudear , 2020-09-02 16:28   
How to realize the traceability of cross-border e-commerce products? Also need to rely on the current advanced ERP to help enterprises achieve the traceability of goods.

With the vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce in China, it has brought several great convenience to people’s life, and its advantages have been highlighted during the epidemic period. However, in the development of cross-border e-commerce, there is often a situation that “a piece of rat excrement spoils a pot of soup”. Fake goods are exactly what the public are worried about, and many consumers have encountered for a time. How to dispel the consumer’s doubts about the product, make it clear and understand the source of the product, logistics and even the trust brought by their own hands? More and more cross-border e-commerce products have adopted the traceability system. On the one hand, it strengthens the inspection, on the other hand, it brings consumers a transparent source experience. So, how can the cross-border e-commerce commodity traceability system improve customer satisfaction?

Ways to trace the origin of cross border e-commerce goods

The common practice is to use Traceability Technology, which generally has three ways: one is chip identification, which is recorded in the whole process and in the chip; the other is two-dimensional code, which allows consumers to query the source and logistics only by scanning the code; the third is barcode plus product batch information (such as production date, production time, batch number, etc.). But at present, the most popular one is the two-dimensional code Traceability Technology. Consumers only need to shoot the QR code through the mobile phone with a camera, they can query the relevant information of the product, and the query records will be kept in the system. Once the product needs to be recalled, it can directly send a short message to consumers to achieve accurate recall.

Is this the cross-border traceability system?

Let’s listen to acloudear, an expert in cross-border e-commerce digital transformation and SAP platinum partner? After a lot of research on cross-border e-commerce enterprises, acloudear said in its white paper on digital transformation of cross-border e-commerce enterprises: with the increasing requirements of cross-border e-commerce on capital, technology and service, and the increasing difficulty of operation, enterprises need to deal with: multi-channel order management, logistics tracking visualization, global operation visualization, industrial chain (internal and external) coordination , global financial and tax compliance standardization system, financial business integration, real-time decision support, global resource integration and other diversified operation and management challenges.

Cross border e-commerce commodity traceability system 1

One of the pain points of cross border e-commerce operation in white paper: weak process visibility leads to difficulty in traceability

If as a cross-border e-commerce enterprise, it is difficult to trace the source of cross-border e-commerce goods and logistics, how can consumers clearly and clearly trace the origin and logistics of cross-border e-commerce products? Therefore, without the cross-border traceability system, enterprises / brands can not be traced. The QR code is just a decoration and a cover.

Acloudear’s view on commodity traceability system

In fact, it is not enough to trace the origin of cross-border e-commerce commodities only by using QR code. As a technical means, QR code can present the whole process of cross-border e-commerce products for consumers, but it is also easy to be used by many business opportunities. More often, we need to use the traceability system of cross-border e-commerce goods, such as our common ERP system, to realize the transparency and visualization of the whole supply chain of cross-border e-commerce goods from manufacturers (suppliers), logistics, platforms to consumers. Only in this way can we eliminate the occurrence of fake goods from the source, and let consumers experience the real good products, and at the same time, they can learn the clear information from the QR code Only by tracing the source of goods can we fundamentally improve customer satisfaction.

Cross border e-commerce commodity traceability system 2

How to realize the traceability of cross-border e-commerce products? Also need to rely on the current advanced ERP to help enterprises achieve the traceability of goods. For example, the system demonstrated by acloudear in the white paper has become the key to the enterprise’s control of commodity traceability, which is the unified, transparent and visual management from suppliers to materials, procurement, supply chain, Omni channel orders to terminal consumption.

Of course, in the cross-border e-commerce solution, there are also some details of supply chain management, such as bar code and face list, customs declaration form, packing list, etc., which can fully reflect the traceability of information management. In order to help enterprises achieve transparent management of cross-border e-commerce commodity traceability.

Cross border e-commerce commodity traceability system 3

Cross border e-commerce commodity traceability system 4

Cross border e-commerce commodity traceability system 5

Finally, in order to improve consumer satisfaction, cross-border e-commerce enterprises need to do a good job in commodity traceability. The key to good commodity traceability is to select the ERP system for cross-border e-commerce commodity traceability, so as to build a transparent and visual supply chain management system from suppliers to procurement, to warehousing logistics, to platforms and consumers, so as to ensure the authenticity of products Quality colleagues, and then provide customers with one click visual traceability information sharing. At the same time, good products can accelerate customers’ buy back and trust.

And understand the commodity traceability system of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, as well as solutions to the operating pain points of cross-border e-commerce,

Search and download white paper on digital transformation of cross border e-commerce enterprises

From macro to micro level, we can understand the operation of cross-border e-commerce and the solutions to the pain points,

Only in this way can we truly improve customer satisfaction,

Continuously improve the profitability of cross-border e-commerce enterprises!

This article "How to improve customer satisfaction through cross-border e-commerce commodity traceability system?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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