Can the ERP system in the electronics industry really help enterprises resist risks?

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For the electronic industry enterprises to resist risks, SAP electronic industry ERP system puts forward five strategic directions to resist risks.

Under the impact of the COVID-19, the supply is unstable, the demand fluctuates, the personnel are difficult to be in place, and even the normal production and operation are difficult to be guaranteed. How can we talk about development? In fact, what’s worse is that this is only a part of the risks. Fast technology iteration, how to reduce duplication of labor, ensure business compliance, and improve efficiency and core competitiveness are the new challenges that enterprises need to continue to face. Looking around, how to manage the supply chain, production, storage and sales, especially when industrial risks strike… All these have become the survival questions that electronic enterprises must face. There are various voices on how to resist risks, but I’m afraid the most heard is the ERP system in the digital and electronic industries. In that case, let’s take a look: can the ERP system in the electronic industry really help enterprises resist risks?



On ERP system in electronic industry: experts and managers hold their own opinions


When it comes to whether ERP used in the electronics industry can really help enterprises resist risks, experts and managers have different voices. Managers who have seen that many enterprises still fail to achieve the desired results after applying ERP often have doubts about ERP in the electronic industry; However, many experts are confident and have their own set of paths to successful transformation. For example, acloudear, an expert in digital transformation of high-tech electronics industry and a platinum partner of sap, mentioned in the white paper on digital transformation of high-tech enterprises of acloudear released by acloudear that ERP used in the electronics industry can fully help electronic enterprises resist risks, and gave examples of successful cases of the world’s top 500 enterprises. Each side sticks to its own words. What should we think?


Let’s start with: what do the world’s top 500 CEOs think?


In 2017, IDC interviewed the CEOs of the world’s top 2000 enterprises. Two thirds of the CEOs said that at the end of the year, digital transformation was the core of their future development strategy. Three years later, Wang Ping, McKinsey’s global managing partner, also published that “the more successful the digital transformation, the stronger the ability to resist risks.” Such a clear-cut attitude. The situation is drifting towards the experts.


How does the ERP system in the electronics industry help enterprises resist risks?


Since you said yes, no problem. Well, let’s take a look at how the ERP system in the electronics industry helps enterprises resist risks. We might as well take the SAP system that is used by 97% of the enterprises in the global discrete manufacturing industry as an example. If you want to resist risks, you must first have a clear understanding of internal and external risks and the enterprise itself, and then you can find a way to solve them. Secondly, digital concept, advanced management experience and digital management tools (electronic industry ERP system) are used as intelligent support to resist risks. Look at the figure below to see how the ERP system of SAP electronics industry thinks.



For the electronic industry enterprises to resist risks, the sap electronic industry ERP system puts forward five strategic directions to resist risks, which must: strengthen the close relationship with customers, accelerate the plan and change response, expand sourcing and procurement channels, multi-source employment configuration and training, and comprehensively analyze the decision-making ability, so as to help enterprises turn crisis into opportunity. Similarly, for how to focus on customers, and further for pain points and challenges, five solutions are proposed.



In fact, as a management master behind the Fortune 500 and a digital brand with 48 years of advanced management experience, it usually starts from business, builds five priority strategies for enterprise transformation, combs business processes one by one and optimizes business structure with the help of SAP electronic industry ERP system, so as to realize smart enterprises, and more calmly and flexibly deal with risks from the environment, trends and internal management. By briefly comparing the traditional scenario with the sap scenario, we will understand:



Through value driven, the order is made more intelligent and automatic, which brings considerable performance benefits and customer satisfaction. Of course, this is only one aspect of traditional orders. The 33 end-to-end scenario management and control covered in the ERP system of SAP electronic industry help electronic enterprises easily achieve efficient management. Flexible enough to deal with risks easily.


However, if enterprise managers in the electronics industry need to fully understand the secrets of electronic enterprises to resist risks,


You may wish to search and download the acloudear white paper on digital transformation of high-tech enterprises prepared by acloudear, a digital expert, to fully understand the trend, current situation, pain points, transformation direction and solutions of the electronics industry.


If you want to play with the ERP system, digital ideas and digital tools in the electronic industry, you can’t do without one of them.

This article "Can the ERP system in the electronics industry really help enterprises resist risks?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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