Electronic components ERP system, which is better for electronic components ERP system?

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First, have digital thinking, and then use digital technology to choose a suitable way of change to achieve the desired effect.

Saw a message on Baidu: “our factory is an electronic component manufacturing industry. If you want to introduce ERP software, what kind of factory management software is better?” Problems. In fact, there are many such questions. Especially in the post epidemic era, with fierce competition, electronic component manufacturers are very eager to find a suitable electronic component ERP system to accelerate the development of enterprises and resist external risks. However, it is almost difficult to have a standard answer to such a question, and even if peers successfully implement ERP software for electronic components, they can’t hold the mentality of copying. In that case, we might as well peel off this topic layer by layer today.


It is easy to find tools (electronic components ERP system), but it is too difficult to select the right tools. Therefore, when ERP software for various electronic components appeared in our vision, we were instantly confused. I feel that when I enter the weapon warehouse, each has its own characteristics. I only choose one but I don’t know how to choose it.


What is the purpose of ERP software for electronic components?


Of course, it is to solve the challenges and pain points faced by electronic components nowadays. In that case, have the challenges and pain points of electronic component enterprises been clarified? Most enterprises are not systematically and comprehensively sorted out, but it doesn’t matter. We might as well learn more about it with the help of acloudear’s white paper on digital transformation of high-tech enterprises, an expert in digital transformation of high-tech electronic components industry and a platinum partner of SAP.



Did you poke everyone’s tears? Of course, different electronic component enterprises have their own specific pain points, which cannot be generalized. Therefore, simply put, the purpose of selecting ERP software for electronic components is to help us solve this series of problems and help enterprises achieve excellent operation.


Next, according to the actual situation, seek the solution


In short, what will be solved now and in the future? In fact, in addition to large-scale electronic component enterprises choosing to comprehensively reshape the digital transformation route, more small and medium-sized enterprises are adopting the strategy of gradually deepening and continuous optimization with the help of electronic component ERP software. It is also simple to say that we should first have digital thinking, and then use digital technology to select appropriate transformation methods to achieve the desired results. Therefore, understanding yourself is often more difficult than understanding software, but it must be the premise.


Back to how to select ERP software for electronic components


Only by understanding the above, can we find the ERP software of electronic components suitable for electronic component enterprises. Many little friends want to ask, how much trouble does it take me to understand so many things one by one? Then you can choose directly from the top 10 market share groups. It is easier to narrow the scope. Of course, different manufacturers have ERP software for electronic components of different sizes. Under the same size selection, product comparison is carried out in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise. The data in the white paper by acloudear, an expert in digital transformation of high-tech electronic components industry, is briefly extracted as a brief reference.



In fact, 14000 high-tech enterprises around the world choose SAP system, of which SAP electronic components ERP system accounts for 80%, which is very convincing. Again, it’s not that you should choose it, but that it can be used as one of the candidates.


Take a brief look at some advantages of SAP electronic components ERP software


ERP software solutions for electronic components are not simple, so we choose some of them to see how they help electronic components enterprises solve problems. For example, we are concerned about the integration of industry and finance.



And one of various end-to-end business scenarios, such as from design to operation.



Of course, there are also the production, procurement, business and so on we mentioned at the beginning. If you want to have a comprehensive understanding, you must go deep into the system to fully understand the whole picture.


Finally, there is still no unified standard answer about how to choose ERP software for electronic components, but we just discussed how to find the circuit diagram of ERP system for electronic components more easily. To fully understand how high-tech electronic component enterprises successfully realize digital transformation and how to objectively select ERP software for electronic components, you may wish to download the white paper on digital transformation of acloudear high tech enterprises to directly go to digital transformation with the shortest straight-line distance, so as to provide a scientific basis for the choice!

This article "Electronic components ERP system, which is better for electronic components ERP system?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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