Mold enterprise production management system, to help mold enterprises solve what production problems?

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First of all, we need to understand the future trend of digitalization in the mold industry, industry pain points, solutions and solutions.

Single piece small batch production, many varieties and small quantities are unique characteristics of the mold industry. Therefore, under such characteristics, production has become the highlight of enterprise management, but the reality is not satisfactory. Enterprise productivity / surplus productivity is difficult to measure, how to arrange production and how to guarantee delivery time: dozens of orders a day equals dozens of BOMs, which cannot be done manually; How to plan, schedule, organize and start up hundreds of molds at the same time, otherwise the production site will be in chaos, which is just production management. Putting aside customer relations and finance, many mold enterprise production managers understand that the key to solving all this in production lies in the mold enterprise production management system in the digital era. What value can it bring us and what problems can it solve? These questions make it difficult for the production managers of many mold enterprises to choose the system. In that case, we might as well let the digital solution experts in the mold industry help us.


What is the production management system of mold enterprises mainly used at present?


When it comes to the production management system of mold enterprises, it must be a very awesome name – MES (manufacturing enterprise production process execution management system). Why can it help you solve so many production management problems? Let’s take a look at the cooperation between MES and ERP.



Acloudear, an expert in the digital transformation of mechanical parts manufacturing enterprises and a platinum partner of sap, talked about the value of ERP and MES in its “acloudear white paper on the digital transformation of mechanical parts manufacturing enterprises” released by acloudear: ERP is at the business management level of the general scheduling of enterprise resources, while MES is at the level of more detailed production operations. Many MES management software will work with industrial equipment to collect real-time data through industrial control technology, and then upload it to ERP system for business status change and business instruction processing. Borrow a picture to see the relationship between MES and ERP.



What is the production management system MES of mold enterprises?


A well-designed mold enterprise production management MES system can integrate management functions such as production scheduling, production statistics, product tracking, material distribution, quality control, warehouse management, equipment failure analysis, etc. on a unified platform. Using a unified database and through network connection, it can provide workshop management information services for production departments, quality inspection departments, process departments, logistics departments, etc. The system helps enterprises implement complete closed-loop production by emphasizing the overall optimization of the manufacturing process. MES management operates under the framework of ERP, which is a subset or intersection of ERP. The main function is to monitor and feed back the ERP plan, which is the refinement of ERP business management on the production site.


Mold enterprise production management system MES, help enterprises solve what?


On the Internet, some netizens said that MES system has the nature of “honest and honest”. Then we might as well see how real people help enterprises and what convenience they bring? MES mainly provides work order distribution, process error proofing, product pedigree, SPC quality analysis, equipment OEE analysis, process traceability and other executive functions in the workshop. Let’s go to the picture above.


MES 11 core modules


What does it bring to the production management of mold enterprises? Control the status of the production site without leaving the workshop, and monitor, record and control the process parameters; Process quality management, problem tracing and analysis; Material loss, rationing tracking, inventory management; Production scheduling management, reasonable arrangement of work orders; Follow up and manage customer orders and ship on schedule; In case of abnormal production, alarm and prompt in time; Equipment maintenance management, automatic prompt maintenance; OEE index analysis to improve equipment efficiency; Automatic data acquisition, real-time, accurate and objective; Reports are automatically generated in time and paperless; Employees’ production tracking and objective assessment basis; Fast cost accounting, order quotation decision; Refine cost management and budget execution analysis. Is so much value enough to solve the problem at the beginning?


In fact, in order to make mold enterprises produce efficiently and develop rapidly, the improvement of production management system of mold enterprises is only one aspect. It is also necessary to first understand the future trend of digitalization of mold industry, industry pain points, solutions and solutions. In that case, acloudear, an expert in digital transformation, brought you the “acloudear white paper on digital transformation of mechanical parts manufacturing enterprises” to comprehensively understand the digitalization route, process and methodology of enterprises from macro to micro, so as to avoid detours and accelerate the digitalization process of enterprises.

This article "Mold enterprise production management system, to help mold enterprises solve what production problems?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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