Why do chip design companies emphasize integrated system management?

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The system management of integrated operation is the key to excellent management.

When we talk about chip design company management, what should we talk about? Chip design company management system? The management measures of the chip design company, or the management process and system of the chip design company? Indeed, these are all management issues that deserve our chip design company managers’ high attention. However, in the face of high investment and slow returns in the chip industry, as well as fierce competition in the industry and volatile external environment, our chip design company is facing a series of unprecedented challenges in its operation and management.



For example, the management of chip design companies should not only manage the front-end design and R&D links, but also ensure that the products developed and designed meet the market demand and have sufficient competitiveness. At the same time, we should also accelerate the sale of chip design results to obtain funds to improve the turnover rate. All this not only tests the management ability of the chip design company, but also tests our overall operation ability. Any problem in any link will affect the final delivery and value realization. Therefore, from design, research and development to processing, manufacturing, ex factory to delivery, and even the external market, we must be familiar with the situation of suppliers and partners to achieve organic unity. No wonder many management experts emphasize: integrated operation system management, because this is the key to excellent management.


In this issue, Aclouder Network, a digital transformation expert of chip semiconductor, will show you how to build an integrated system management for the operation management of chip design companies.


Conventional chip design company management, a large number of information islands


The operation and management of chip design companies usually have their own management system and software/system, but in reality it is often not ideal, which can not support the high-speed development of chip design companies. There is CRM but it is difficult to achieve global management. After the global business data and information are serious; Obviously, with ERP and supply chain management system, the demand side is still disconnected from the supply chain, which not only affects sales but also affects customer experience. The breakpoints in the process, information islands caused by the system, and manual information transmission also lack effective analysis, which cannot provide a basis for the scientific decision-making of managers. These have become the pain of the operation and management of conventional chip design companies.


Of course, many of our chip design companies are also trying to take some measures to achieve interoperability between systems to solve this problem, which can indeed help our chip design companies achieve information and data interoperability in management, and improve a certain degree of collaboration. But the key to solving this problem is to integrate integrated management philosophy, integrated system management, and digital integration.


Global leading chip design company management, integrated operation management


In this case, we might as well focus on the top 10 semiconductor enterprises in the world, 9 of which are using SAP management systems with such a high proportion, to see how they build an integrated management system for our chip design companies. First, let’s take a look at how SAP builds a value map for chip and semiconductor enterprises, and the five major directions of digital driven business transformation.



Based on such an end-to-end process system that runs through the entire business, SAP brings a panoramic canvas for the operation and management of a fully integrated chip design company.



Therefore, no matter from the front end customer relationship management, sales management or the middle end enterprise internal resource management, we must achieve a high degree of collaboration to serve our business. Help chip design companies achieve efficient collaboration from design to delivery in operation management.



Only on a unified digital platform, on a unified chip design company operation management system, can we realize the intercommunication of processes and the flow of information, so as to accelerate the efficient collaboration on the entire business chain and adjust according to actual changes.


In fact, it is not only chip design companies that need integrated operation, but also business lines, supply chains, sales services, research, production and marketing that need integrated operation to make our customers feel unified, standard and timely services, thus creating stickiness.



Therefore, the operation management of chip design companies must run through the entire business process and achieve seamless connection to achieve excellent operation.


The above is just a reference for us to understand the management philosophy, system and leading digital software of today’s leading chip design companies from the perspective of “integrated operation”.


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