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Highlights of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308 Version Update

Recently, SAP released a version update of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308, which includes enhancements and innovations in a series of core modules such as production, sales, procurement, supply chain, and finance.



As a core strategic product of SAP, every update to the SAP ERP public cloud has received great attention. Today, we will introduce the highlights of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308 version update (above), allowing you to quickly understand and get started with some new features and functions brought by the new version, so as to better apply the SAP ERP public cloud and support the digital development of your enterprise.





New SAP Fiori application

Automatically supervise account closing tasks through account balance verification


SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308 provides a new Fiori application for managing balance validation rules and groups (F6386), viewing validation results (F6387), and scheduling balance validation jobs (F7470), thereby supporting the maintenance and execution of validation rules.


These functions seamlessly integrate with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud for advanced financial closing, enabling verification to be performed after the previous steps are completed, triggering subsequent steps (when no errors are found), and automatically triggering prompt action notifications when errors or threshold violations occur, further enhancing automation and accelerating the physical closing process.



New additional depreciation range to meet business needs


Some local or industry specific regulations (such as utility companies) may include specific depreciation and reporting rules. To meet these requirements, you can enable specific scope items that provide pre configured content, including asset accounting standard levels, evaluation views, and depreciation conditions.


The activation of scope items will also add additional depreciation ranges, and the new version provides new scope items 5HG and 5KF, specifically for asset accounting and covering statistical posting. Within this depreciation range, you can define the depreciation code, useful life, and maximum amount of low value assets for the asset..


Approval workflow for supplier prepayment requests


The 2308 version provides a new Fiori application for setting up an approval workflow for verifying supplier prepayment requests.



● Enable approval workflow for supplier prepayment requests based on user configuration;

● Allow requesters to create, display, edit, and submit supplier prepayment requests for verification and approval;

● Allow designated approvers to view and process submitted supplier prepayment requests. The approver can choose to approve, reject, or return the submitted application, and the system will change the application status accordingly in the applicant’s work list.


New SAP Fiori application: changing material prices


Adding new changes to material prices allows you to create, analyze, simulate, and post material price changes, allowing you to change inventory prices, including sales order inventory and project inventory.



Order splitting with actual costs


Starting from the SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308 version, you are now able to split orders using actual costs, which allows you to split existing production orders that have already started processing into two separate orders, the parent order and the child order. For orders with event based production cost posting and settlement, the system will reallocate the actual cost portion of the parent order to the child orders based on the split quantity ratio.






Batch change of procurement information records


Now you can easily batch modify procurement information records. 2308 has added the function of modifying tiered prices. Simply check the relevant records, click on Change Price, select the scale line to be adjusted, enter the new amount, and then click on Apply Batch Update. If there are tiered prices in this range, they will also be modified in bulk.



Manage procurement information records


In the management of procurement information records, a new “Shipment Description” field has been added under the “Delivery and Quantity” section. You can maintain shipment instructions for each procurement information record, and a sorting function has been added for procurement information records without materials. By subdividing material groups into multiple subgroups, more detailed query management can be achieved.



Monitoring procurement application projects


Now, not only can you see the user ID of the applicant, but the name field will also be displayed, making it clear at a glance. There will be no situation where you only see the ID without knowing who created the purchase request.



Monitoring procurement application projects


Managing purchase orders has also received a series of enhancements and updates. In this version, you can:


● Create order line items based on purchase requests through voucher addition method;

● Determine whether to accept the goods at the supplier’s location through initial acceptance using new fields;


● Track changes to order headers and line items, click to view the change log;

● Freeze and unfreeze project status;

● View detailed information of the purchase order manufacturer, such as part number, identification, and name;

● Use custom logic to add email recipients and receive order output emails as attachments;

● Output custom attachments in the purchase order



supply chain


In SAP 2308 version of supply chain management, a series of functional enhancements and innovations have been implemented to achieve collaborative integration from inventory to supply to execution, meeting the needs of intelligent supply chains. The new features include:


Order commitment


In the configuration of the delayed delivery order processing variant application, add a check box to include requirements with fixed dates and quantities to include the requirements in the availability check during the delayed delivery order processing (BOP) run:



New applications related to serial number management:

Display serialized inventory quantity


The serial number management of materials adds a comparison function between serial number inventory and warehouse inventory. You can compare the quantity of inventory materials with the serial number quantity assigned to the material at the storage location. The results displayed in the report can help you easily capture inventory differences. You can query based on a single material or multiple materials simultaneously to improve efficiency.



A series of new features in inventory management


1. The Fiori application now supports the scanning function of composite barcodes: receiving purchase vouchers for posting, receiving production orders for posting, receiving orders for posting process, receiving goods for posting receipt and delivery, post subsequent adjustments, manage inventory, and transfer inventory



2.In the Fiori application for managing inventory and inventory dumps, the function of enabling item lists (adding to list operations) for batch processing is now supported



3.Reservation related: Add background tasks for managing manual reservations, thereby batch deleting completed manual reservations in the system. The new version will also support creating goods movement directly from the reservation.


The above are some highlights of the 2308 version update. Due to limited space, only the main functional enhancements and innovations of the finance, procurement, and supply chain modules have been introduced. In the next issue, we will continue to introduce the highlights of the 2308 version’s production, manufacturing, sales, and other modules.


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