How Emerging Overseas Enterprises Meet the Challenge of Digital Operations: ACLOUDEAR Expert Perspective

Author:Acloudear , 2023-09-26 10:12   
SAP ERP Public Cloud (SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition) provides a highly flexible, fast, and cost-effective way to address digital operational challenges

With the accelerated development of global economic integration, going overseas for enterprises has become an irreversible trend. In this process, some overseas companies stand at the top of the pyramid like giants, with mature overseas layouts, strong IT teams, and abundant overseas resources. These enterprises are highly digitized and can optimize their supply chains, reduce operational costs, and quickly adapt to the cultural and business environments of different markets through advanced data analysis and global resource integration. However, for emerging overseas companies that have just entered the international market, the reality is harsh. They often lag significantly behind in digital operations and face issues beyond language and cultural differences. The lack of mature IT infrastructure and digital experience has led to significant deficiencies in data management, customer relationships, supply chain optimization, and other aspects for these new offshore enterprises. Such backwardness and contrast not only affect the competitiveness of these emerging overseas enterprises in the global market, but also bring them a series of complex and difficult to solve digital operational challenges.


The digital operation challenges faced by overseas enterprises


Overseas enterprises face various challenges in digital operations, including language and cultural differences, financial and tax compliance, cross-border trade and logistics management, cost-benefit analysis, and project management and communication. Especially in cross-border trade, many Chinese overseas enterprises and their upstream and downstream supply chain partners jointly expand their overseas business, such as production layout in Vietnam, North America, and Mexico.



ACLOUDEAR strategy suggestion: How to respond to digital operation challenges for overseas enterprises


Faced with the digital operation challenges of emerging overseas enterprises, Mr. Wang Qi, a digital expert at ACLOUDEAR, suggests that it is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the ratio of input to output, i.e. cost-effectiveness. Enterprises need to seek efficient and economical solutions to effectively integrate overseas subsidiaries into the digital management system of their headquarters or group.



Digital Solution for Overseas Enterprises: Application of SAP ERP Public Cloud


For overseas companies, especially those in China who are embarking on business trips, SAP ERP Public Cloud (SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition) has become a popular option. This solution provides a highly flexible, fast, and cost-effective way to address digital operational challenges, making it the preferred choice for most Chinese overseas enterprises.



Why do overseas enterprises choose SAP ERP public cloud


SAP ERP public cloud provides standardized best practices tailored to different industry characteristics, helping overseas enterprises quickly build and manage cloud environments, thereby accelerating digital transformation. This solution is also equipped with rigorously validated SAP Activate tools and methods, which can help overseas enterprises complete cloud deployment faster and more securely.



In addition, the fully transparent process and key indicators of SAP ERP public cloud can help overseas enterprises manage their business more accurately and achieve sustained business growth.



In summary, SAP ERP public cloud provides multiple advantages and value for the digital operation of overseas enterprises, including enhancing competitiveness. If you would like to have a deeper understanding of how overseas enterprises respond to digital operational challenges and how to quickly achieve digital operations of overseas subsidiaries and headquarters through SAP ERP public cloud, please click on the link below for more detailed solutions.


SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

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