Unique! SAP ERP Public Cloud Helps New Energy Growth Enterprises Become Industry Leaders

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The new energy industry has diverse demands, from equipment manufacturing to back-end services.

In the 21st century, the new energy industry is at its peak, and the global thirst for sustainable and clean energy has accelerated its prosperity. However, this also means that new energy enterprises are standing at an unprecedented crossroads of opportunities and challenges. This industry has always been a fast lane of technology, accompanied by significant capital investment, policy impact, complex supply chain management, and a high sense of responsibility for the environment. For those rising new energy star companies, their challenges go far beyond technology selection or fundraising. The competitive positioning of the market, the impact of the environment, and how to attract and cultivate top talents are all issues that they must attach great importance to. The digital experts of Acloudear’s enjoyment network deeply feel that in this era that emphasizes sustainability, the prospects of the new energy industry are undoubtedly very attractive, but the bumps and challenges on the road cannot be ignored. New energy growth oriented enterprises need not only clear direction and strong strength, but also to leverage leading digital technologies such as SAP ERP public cloud, AI, and other systems to gain excellent industry practices and sharp market insights, in order to steadily walk on this path full of opportunities.



Why do new energy enterprises need SAP ERP public cloud?


The new energy industry is changing rapidly, and enterprises in this field are not only facing challenges of technological innovation, but also the problem of how to better manage and operate. By delving deeper into its industrial value chain, we can find that it is mainly divided into two major parts: front-end equipment manufacturing and back-end operations and services. On the front end, the goal of enterprises is to utilize industrial IoT technology to combine products and services, giving them more intelligent functions. On the other hand, the backend focuses more on utilizing the energy Internet of Things to optimize operation and maintenance, making it more efficient and energy-efficient. Behind all of this, the deep application of data is indispensable. Data has opened up new business areas for enterprises and helped to enhance their core competitiveness.



In this context, SAP ERP public cloud is undoubtedly a powerful assistant for new energy enterprises. As a strategic star product of SAP, it not only competed with Gartner in 2022 ® The report was awarded as a leader in the field of ERP cloud management systems, and it provides enterprises with the latest industry best practices and continuous innovation based on its “ready to use” characteristics. More importantly, SAP ERP public cloud is not only an ERP solution, but also a key tool to assist enterprises, especially new energy growth enterprises, in accelerating business growth, breaking through oneself, and achieving leapfrog development.


SAP ERP Public Cloud in the New Energy Field: Insight into Deep Solutions


New energy, as the engine of technological change in the 21st century, is experiencing an unprecedented wave of innovation. In this transformation, what deep solutions can SAP ERP public cloud, as a star product of SAP, bring to enterprises? To this end, we have invited Acloudear Network as SAP’s top global platinum partner and excellent cloud business partner in the Asia Pacific region to unveil its mystery for us.



The new energy industry has diverse demands, from equipment manufacturing to back-end services. SAP ERP public cloud can precisely provide customized solutions for various aspects. For front-end new energy equipment manufacturing enterprises, it provides product centric industry solutions that support the entire process from inventory production to order design; Backend operations and service enterprises place more emphasis on service-oriented ERP solutions, which cover key operational functions such as customer project lifecycle, contract based services, and subscription management.



Furthermore, in order to help new energy growth enterprises gain insight into the subtle changes in the market, the embedded analysis function of SAP S/4HANA Cloud has been greatly enhanced, helping enterprises accurately capture market opportunities.



Finally, new energy growth oriented enterprises can fully rely on strong ecological partners such as Acloudear’s shared network from SAP to provide protection during the implementation of SAP ERP public cloud. They have rich experience and can help companies quickly go online and realize value. Overall, the SAP ERP public cloud aims to assist new energy enterprises in building a robust, agile, integrated, and sustainable business process, thereby accelerating digital transformation, driving innovation, and maximizing enterprise value.


The New Energy Era: The Correct Path to Digital Transformation


Against the backdrop of rapid development in the new energy industry, digital transformation is no longer a choice, but a necessity. SAP ERP public cloud provides comprehensive and powerful support for new energy growth enterprises, whether it is front-end manufacturing or back-end operations. Taking technology research and development as an example, its R&D management module ensures that enterprises can quickly respond to every iteration of technology and maintain a leading position in the industry. In terms of fund management, supply chain transparency, and even environmental compliance, SAP ERP public cloud provides powerful tools and functions, bringing huge value to enterprises.


Why choose SAP S/4HANACloud, public edition [SAP ERP Public Cloud]?


Run according to industry standards to deliver immediate results and quickly address top business priorities

● Immediately deliver results with a ready to use process built on proven industry best practices

● Quickly address top business priorities and expand according to changing needs


Accelerate business growth and maximize revenue and profit

● Enable innovative business models globally to drive revenue growth

● Utilize validated business processes and intelligent ERP technology to achieve profit growth


Continuously promoting innovation by expanding solutions to create differentiated competitive advantages

● Always obtain the latest process and technological innovation results to maintain leadership

● Utilize a fully scalable platform to achieve self breakthroughs


However, to truly realize the value of digital transformation, only the best tools are not enough. Enterprises also need to collaborate with enterprise digital strategic service providers with deep insight, clarify their business goals and strategic direction, and ensure that every step of digital transformation serves the long-term development of the enterprise. SAP ERP public cloud undoubtedly provides a powerful platform for new energy growth enterprises, but how to fully utilize this platform and how to combine it with the actual situation of the enterprise for digital transformation is the key to determining whether the enterprise can stand out in fierce competition in the future.


Want to further understand how the new energy industry and new energy growth enterprises utilize SAP ERP public cloud for digital transformation, and how to integrate it with your corporate strategy? Click on the link below to delve deeper into and embark on your journey of digital transformation.


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