SAP ERP Public Cloud x AI: A Robust Engine for Digital Transformation

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In the era of digitization, the integration of robust artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into SAP ERP Public Cloud has transformed futuristic concepts into present realities. Whether it’s generating precise diagnostic scenarios in the medical field, applying big data analysis for disease prediction and treatment planning, implementing AI-driven technologies for intelligent transportation ensuring safer and more efficient travel, or decoding ancient literature and languages to revive lost cultural artifacts—the digital age is unfolding before us as a feast of opportunities.

Undoubtedly, AI is profoundly reshaping our lives and revolutionizing corporate operational management. The fusion of AI with ERP sparks innovative synergies, and the answers lie within the innovative integration of SAP ERP Public Cloud and artificial intelligence.

Let’s delve into the application of several intelligent scenarios and customized AI scenarios within SAP ERP Public Cloud to understand how machine learning technology is leveraged to help businesses revolutionize their processes and gain a competitive edge.


SAP ERP Public Cloud Pre-configured Intelligent Scenario

1.Predicting Supplier Delivery Dates


Using the AI technology provided by SAP ERP Public Cloud, businesses can forecast supplier delivery dates within purchase orders. This means gaining early insights into potential supplier delays, allowing prompt actions such as communication with suppliers or seeking alternative solutions to ensure timely deliveries and avoid potential additional costs or production interruptions.

2.Forecasting Sales Performance


By predicting sales performance, businesses can gain comprehensive insights into trends and variations in sales achievements. Based on these predictive outcomes, various departments can strategically prepare for future business developments. For instance, the sales department can fine-tune resource allocation, the production department can plan and prepare for capacity, and the procurement department can optimize suitable supply chain partnerships for long-cycle materials.

3.Predicting Low Turnover or Stagnant Materials in Inventory Management

Leveraging the embedded machine learning functionality in SAP ERP Public Cloud, businesses can precisely predict the low turnover indicators for materials. When the turnover indicator is at 1, it signifies that the material consumption will be only 1%, while an indicator of 100 implies the current inventory will be entirely consumed. This intelligent prediction system allows businesses to adjust inventory levels promptly, reducing backlog and enhancing inventory turnover rates, effectively lowering inventory costs. Simultaneously, it prevents excessive funds from being tied up in low-turnover or stagnant materials, mitigating potential liquidity issues.

4.Predicting Quantity Contract Consumption

Using AI technology to predict the consumption of quantity contracts helps businesses identify contracts that may reach their consumption limits in the short term or require renegotiation. This proactive approach enables businesses to take measures in advance, preventing contract overruns or risks. It further optimizes procurement plans and resource allocation strategies, allowing businesses to avoid inventory excesses or shortages, thereby improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

5.Predicting In-transit Inventory Delivery

With forecasts on the delivery times of in-transit inventory, businesses can more accurately plan and schedule logistics transportation. This ensures the avoidance of production interruptions or decreases in customer satisfaction due to delivery delays. If goods cannot be delivered on time, businesses can take corresponding measures, such as adjusting production plans or rearranging logistics transportation, to ensure timely delivery of customer orders.


Custom Intelligent Scenarios in SAP ERP Public Cloud

Apart from the showcased pre-configured intelligent scenarios, businesses can effortlessly create personalized intelligent scenarios using open datasets and supported algorithms. This flexibility empowers enterprises to construct customized intelligent solutions tailored to their specific business needs and data.

SAP provides a convenient and intuitive unified management platform for intelligent scenarios, streamlining the construction process without concerns about technical complexity. This facilitates more business users to leverage AI technology effortlessly, eliminating the reliance on specialized data scientists or development teams.

Once the construction of intelligent scenarios is completed, business users can directly use internal enterprise data to train specified data models, ensuring the model receives high-quality, real-world data. During the training process, users can filter data ranges as needed to ensure the model receives the most relevant and representative data. Additionally, after training, users can view the quality score of the training, aiding them in evaluating the model’s performance and accuracy for further optimization when necessary.


SAP ERP Public Cloud harnesses powerful AI technology, not only providing enterprises with a diverse array of intelligent scenarios and algorithms but also assisting them in rapidly deploying personalized solutions to forge unique competitive advantages.

As a staunch supporter of SAP ERP Public Cloud, Acloudear Networks is dedicated to offering cutting-edge SAP cloud solutions for growing enterprises, continually supporting their rapid development. By injecting vitality into digital transformation with advanced technologies like AI, Acloudear empowers businesses for sustainable growth.

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