SAP ERP Public Cloud 2308 New Version Update:Production and Sales Function Highlights

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In the previous issue, SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308 version update highlights (Part 1), we introduced the main functional enhancements and innovations of the finance, procurement, and supply chain modules. Today, let’s take a look at the highlights of production, manufacturing, and sales modules that are worth paying attention to.





The 2308 version enhances production execution functionality, focusing on practicality and flexibility. Ruxin’s application for managing production orders has added a reset function for usability checks. You can refresh the availability check data based on changes in the supply chain, and real-time understand the shortage of materials.


Production Plan (Manage Material Coverage)


In the new feature of 2308, the application “Manage Material Coverage” has undergone certain updates in terms of interface layout and user usage, which greatly helps to improve the work efficiency of both users and managers.


1. In the scope of material coverage managed by the app, the “Problem” column of MRP elements has been added. Mouse over the corresponding icon will display the problem information of MRP elements.



2.In the scope of material coverage managed by the app, there is a list of “operations”, including: rescheduling: changing the current receipt date to the past; rescheduling: changing the current receipt date to the future; and canceling the process. For problematic line items, the system provides some suggested actions in the “Action” column to avoid inventory shortages.



3.In the material selection section of the navigation bar, you can also add the upper layer materials of the queried material to view the “material coverage” of the upper layer materials, which is more practical in practical business.



4.In the view selection of the navigation bar, several items have been added, including material, material selection identifier, MRP range, MRP controller, and MRP type, to display more intuitive related information.



Production Execution: Managing Production Orders


1.The check component button has been replaced by the check availability button in the production order management application. In the new version, you can not only perform component availability checks, but also reset the promised quantity and re perform new availability checks.



2.Added data columns and filtering criteria for the serial number parameter file, allowing you to easily filter and query order information related to serial number management materials.



For materials managed using serial numbers, a tab for serial numbers has been added to the order details interface, where the serial numbers assigned to the order are listed. By clicking on the serial number, you can also navigate to applications such as managing material serial numbers.


On the detailed interface page, the new version also adds search fields for the serial number and component pages, enabling you to perform text searches on serial numbers and component materials.



Production execution: Input production process


In version 2302, we can use the input production process application to confirm work reporting for production order processes by entering the production order number and process number. After the release of the new version 2308, in addition to entering the production order number and process number, you can also enter the sub process number to confirm work reporting for the sub process. It also supports you to use your smartphone to scan barcodes to identify the processes that need to be confirmed.



It should be noted that for sub processes, you can confirm relevant material movements and activities, but cannot record production, scrap, and rework quantities.





In the 2308 version of the sales module, SAP has continuously released a series of functional enhancements and innovations to enhance and meet customer business needs and experiences:


Batch change of printing output in invoicing vouchers


The newly added application of “Batch Change Print Output in Invoicing Vouchers” allows invoicing specialists to perform the required changes simultaneously across thousands of invoicing vouchers, enabling them to quickly and effectively perform the required cleaning, redefining, and resending outputs, improving efficiency.



Through this app, batch printing and output items in the following invoicing vouchers can be achieved:

• Delete printer output items that have been determined by the system and have a status of “” or “pending output”;

• Retrigger the determination of the printout item (usually after you correct the error);

• Trigger the output to be sent to the relevant output channel (such as printing or email).


Price elements for return/loan item voucher requests based on permission access


Restrict users’ access to sensitive price and cost information, change price elements in customer returns, credit voucher requests, or debit voucher requests.


Maintain business role permission restrictions


Set Price Program


Customer Return Management – Suspending Early Refund Product Evaluation


In the past customer return design (business scenario BKP), when you made a customer refund, the returned item was transferred to the return inventory to be evaluated, and you obtained ownership of the item. However, in some cases, although you have already refunded the customer, you may not want to confirm ownership immediately due to incomplete product quality inspection.


To address this issue, the “Pause Early Refund Product Evaluation” feature has been introduced, allowing users to postpone the product evaluation until the final inspection stage.



Sales Order Fiori – ATP Enhancement


Application implementation enhancement: demonstrate whether the product can be delivered on time as required; Intermediate Results – Visualization of the basic methods and steps used to calculate usability check results.



Solution Order Batch Creation Robot


Solution orders reflect the complex products provided to customers, and as complexity increases, creating such orders becomes time-consuming and error prone. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of creating solution orders for users, version 2308 introduces automatic robots to batch create such orders.


Robots can monitor multiple input channels, such as file systems in email or folders, extract data from Excel files, and construct solution order structures, including header and project attributes. It will call the solution order API of SAP S/4HANA Cloud public cloud and automatically generate multiple solution orders based on the extracted information. After the task is completed, the robot will send an email notification with a log file.



The highlights of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308 version update are now introduced. Of course, there are also some enhanced and innovative features that have not been mentioned. As the updates continue, you can switch to the new version and experience it yourself. If you encounter problems or want to fully understand the SAP ERP public cloud, you can contact us for assistance.


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