Driving AI in the cloud is so cool! The “Cloud Player” Perspective on SAP Cloud ERP Summit Forum

Author:Acloudear , 2024-04-20 19:32   
As a seasoned cloud player, Acloudear has unique ideas and perspectives on SAP cloud ERP.

On April 18th, 2024, the SAP Cloud ERP Summit Forum arrived as scheduled. This year’s summit, riding on the momentum of AI, focused on the theme of “Business AI Innovation, Unleashing Growth Potential” and comprehensively showcased the latest progress and applications of SAP business AI.



Through on-site demonstrations and experiences of new tools and functionalities, AI was inspired in the field of business applications, demonstrating how the integration of SAP business AI and Cloud ERP can help enterprises innovate financial, supply chain, and other processes, achieving more efficient and accurate decision-making and operations.


As a practitioner who has been deeply involved in the SAP cloud ERP market for many years, Acloudear was also invited to participate in this summit and share valuable experiences and innovative practices of enterprise cloud deployment with everyone on site.



Since SAP’s use of cloud products to serve Chinese enterprises, Acloudear has become one of the earliest partners of native SAP cloud solutions, committed to assisting enterprises in digital transformation through SAP cloud products.


Therefore, as experienced cloud players, we have unique ideas and perspectives on SAP cloud ERP.


We always believe that digital transformation should first embrace the cloud and embrace it. This transformation is not only an inevitable choice to comply with the global trend of technological development, but also an effective measure to respond to national policy guidance and the challenges of traditional ERP system lifecycle.


1. The inevitable choice to follow the trend


With the breakthrough of AI technology, the world is currently in an important technological innovation cycle led by the deep coupling of AI and cloud technology. This cycle not only drives the transformation and upgrading of economic structure, but also largely shapes and changes the forms and methods of future society, individuals, and enterprises.


As the cornerstone of AI development, cloud technology, with its characteristics of elastic scalability, efficient collaboration, and low-cost operation and maintenance, has overturned the traditional management mode of IT resources and provided unprecedented flexibility and agility for enterprises.


The rapid deployment and scalability of infrastructure capabilities enable enterprises to quickly respond to market changes, accurately match business needs, effectively reduce IT investment, and improve overall operational efficiency; The diversified deployment models of public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, etc. meet the personalized needs of enterprises of different scales and industries, laying a solid foundation for their digital transformation.


On a global scale, cloud computing has leapt from a cutting-edge concept to an infrastructure for commercial operations, becoming a new quality productivity driving innovation and development in various industries.


2.The core support for developing new quality productive forces


In this context, digital transformation of enterprises is not only an inevitable choice to follow the trend of the times, but also a key measure to support the rise of new productive forces, promote high-quality development, and build a new development pattern.


New quality productivity, with its significant feature of relying on cutting-edge technological means such as digital technology and AI to achieve deep transformation and value innovation in the form of productivity, aims to break through the constraints of traditional production models and unleash unprecedented innovation vitality and efficiency potential.


The digital transformation of enterprises is the core link in the construction process of this new quality productivity. It not only helps enterprises activate innovation momentum, enhance core competitiveness, but also promotes economic structure optimization and upgrading at the macro level, helping countries seize opportunities in global economic competition.


Therefore, enterprises should actively grasp the wave of digitalization, make digital transformation a strategic focus, and comprehensively shape the “new quality productivity” for the future through the deep application of new technologies and models. They should bravely stand at the forefront of economic development in the new era and achieve stability and progress.


3.Where will traditional ERP systems go after discontinuing support?


Faced with the rolling tide of the cloud era, traditional ERP systems such as SAP ECC are facing a turning point in their lifecycle.


“According to the latest maintenance strategy released by SAP, SAP ECC 6.0 without enhancement packs and versions containing enhancement packs 1 to 5 will end mainstream maintenance on December 31, 2025.”


With industry giants such as SAP announcing the gradual cessation of support for locally deployed systems, enterprises are facing practical challenges such as a surge in system maintenance costs, lagging technological updates, and intensified security risks.


Plan the future deployment of the ERP system as soon as possible and migrate to cloud ERP. This not only ensures that enterprises enjoy continuous technological innovation and service support, but also provides an opportunity for comprehensive business process optimization and management upgrades.


Acloudear has been one of SAP’s most visionary collaborators since serving Chinese enterprises with cloud products.



We have always been driven by cloud technology, covering all aspects of SAP cloud products, from SAP ByD to S/4HANA Cloud, from Sales Cloud to SuccessFactor, and then to SAP BTP, covering all aspects of enterprise management applications.


We always adhere to the customer-centric service philosophy and have formed a complete customer success service system around SAP public cloud services. With the growth of the enterprise, we continue to benefit from the digital journey.


So far, we have worked together to serve over 300 equally visionary Chinese enterprises, successfully helping them transform and upgrade, innovate and grow.


For detailed SAP cloud ERP solutions and plans, successful digital cases, and cloud ERP white papers, please feel free to contact us. Click on the end of the article to read the original text for more information.



This article "Driving AI in the cloud is so cool! The “Cloud Player” Perspective on SAP Cloud ERP Summit Forum" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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