How to do cross-border e-commerce and what elements do experts grasp?

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Enterprises that do well in cross-border e-commerce will choose excellent, global and suitable ERP platform and professional cross-border e-commerce ERP digital transformation team to optimize and implement, so as to achieve excellent operation.

More and more enterprises are turning to cross-border e-commerce due to the continuous surge of domestic demand, the accelerated favorable policy promotion, the 10 trillion + market scale and the increasing development trend year by year. In the face of great opportunities, how can cross-border e-commerce do? How to solve the challenges in policy, compliance, market, management and supply chain? When we can’t find the right solution for a while, we might as well take the leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises as a mirror to see what experts mainly grasp, so as to gain some practical enlightenment that has been tested by time.

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Acloudear, a domestic cross-border e-commerce digital transformation expert, said in his white paper on digital transformation of cross-border e-commerce enterprises — acloudear: “when the market competition pattern of domestic cross-border e-commerce platforms has been formed, the future competition will be more intense.” At the same time, acloudear also clarifies many pain points of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the book, and proposes to use digital infrastructure to protect cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

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Digitalization is the key to becoming a cross-border e-commerce expert!

With the increasingly fierce competition among domestic cross-border e-commerce enterprises, enterprises need to face the dual challenges and changes from inside to outside in order to break out of the tight encirclement in the standardized, mature and rational competition. Cross border e-commerce experts usually have the wisdom to quickly respond to changes in the external environment. For example, we take Guangzhou speed pigeon, a cross-border e-commerce enterprise in the white paper, as an example. The successful digital transformation makes its performance increase rather than decrease in the period of global epidemic spread. Of course, it also benefits from the successful digital transformation.

How do cross border e-commerce experts usually do?

Is it OK for enterprises that have done well in cross-border e-commerce to set up ERP on international platforms such as Amazon? In fact, it is not as simple as you think. They will choose excellent, global and suitable ERP platform and professional cross-border e-commerce ERP digital transformation team to optimize and implement it, so as to achieve excellent operation. The usual approach is: first, determine a short-term to long-term strategic goal; secondly, find a set of integrated and flexible “Omni channel cross-border e-commerce solution” to achieve timely response to market changes.

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Value attitude of excellent digital transformation experts

Because of the right choice, it can be easily avoided, such as: the direct connection between the channel and ERP will overload ERP; once the service exceeds the threshold, additional payment will be required to increase the it cost, such as some common cross-border e-commerce enterprises often encounter the digital transformation technology trap.

What kind of digital transformation plan does the expert rely on?

Acloudear, a platinum partner of sap, shared the digital transformation solutions for cross-border e-commerce in the case of Guangzhou speed pigeon in the white paper, which is an omni channel e-commerce solution integrated with SAP cloud ERP and linkpro. It is a comprehensive solution of cross-border e-commerce business financial integration platform based on SAP cloud platform. Through the front desk, middle desk suite and ERP background management, we help speed pigeon achieve excellent operation.

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The above are some common practices of successful cross-border e-commerce enterprises, but the key point is to find the right ERP system in line with the global cross-border e-commerce operation, and find a suitable and accurate service scheme at the same time, so as to highlight the tight encirclement in the fierce competition.

How do cross-border e-commerce enterprises do,

Search and download the white paper on digital transformation of cross border e-commerce enterprises — acloudear,

We will directly address the pain points of cross-border e-commerce enterprises and provide effective solutions for digital transformation,

Digital infrastructure is the escort for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to go out to sea!

How to do cross-border e-commerce? It is simple to choose the right scheme!

This article "How to do cross-border e-commerce and what elements do experts grasp?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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