Which is the best ERP software for cross-border e-commerce?

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Let’s see what experts say and what cross-border e-commerce enterprises that have successfully transformed.

The more popular the cross-border e-commerce is, the more enterprises will flow in, and the more complex the competition situation will be. In front of the big pattern of the head platform, after the continuous participation of peers, the blue sea has gradually become red. Orders have fallen, logistics and distribution costs have increased, cash flow has become increasingly tense, cross-border e-commerce is going through almost zero sum game Digital transformation and upgrading has become a necessary medicine for cross-border e-commerce to go out to sea trade, supply chain management and improve profits! The crux has been found, and the medicine has also been found. What about the ERP software of cross-border e-commerce? Which brand does this prescription choose? Is it really not a good choice? Listen to Lao Wang next door? Or do you see it yourself? It’s not a good idea. It’s better to see what experts say and what cross-border e-commerce enterprises that have successfully transformed do. Sometimes, the right choice is equal to 60% success, the choice is too important!

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Acloudear, an expert in cross-border e-commerce digital transformation and SAP platinum partner, excerpted the cross-border e-commerce competition pattern of “Ai media consulting” in its white paper on digital transformation of cross-border e-commerce enterprises — acloudear, which briefly analyzes the future competition situation for you. It also points out the direction and scheme of digital transformation in the future, as well as the cases of successful enterprises.

Which ERP software of cross-border e-commerce is good? What do experts think?

In fact, we only need to follow the basic principles provided by experts to get a general direction for the selection of ERP software for cross-border e-commerce. Three suggestions of digital experts on the Internet are excerpted for your reference.

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Which is the best ERP software of cross-border e-commerce and what does the leader say?

The white paper lists a successful case of a cross-border e-commerce enterprise named Guangzhou speed pigeon Technology Co., Ltd. in choosing SAP ERP to realize digital transformation. Let’s hear what they say first?

”Within a short period of time, our business volume has reached US $400 million. Now with the support of sap? Business bydesign? System solutions and linkpro cross-border e-commerce solutions, we believe that this platform can support our future business development to 500 million or even 1 billion US dollars. ”

——Liu Yuhong, CFO, Guangzhou speed pigeon Technology Co., Ltd

Cross border e-commerce Omni channel solution of

Cross border e-commerce Omni channel solution of “SAP BYD + linkpro”

There is no doubt that the right ERP software and implementer of cross-border e-commerce are the legend. In fact, the successful digital transformation helped speed pigeon achieve the growth against the new epidemic situation at the beginning of the year, achieving a 4-fold growth! This is the digital transformation. The great power of ERP selection may be just the view of an expert of McKinsey: the higher the degree of digitalization, the stronger the ability to resist risks!

Cross border e-commerce ERP software which is good, the experience of the leader

Don’t think that we want you to copy the fast dove, because each cross-border e-commerce enterprise has its own differences in scale, business model and supply chain. The above is just to provide an objective reference for you to find a suitable and easy-to-use ERP software. The premise is that the enterprise should have a clear strategic plan, and then look for excellent and suitable cross-border e-commerce ERP software around the strategy to meet the following functions!

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Of course, there are two technical holes to be avoided:

1. Try to avoid direct connection between trading system, channel and ERP. If ERP is not stable enough, the final efficiency will be worrying;

2. Select the manufacturer of the server in China and define the upper limit range of orders and storage to avoid over standard price increase!

So much about the ERP software selection experience of cross-border e-commerce leaders,

We hope you can have a comprehensive understanding and judgment from the macro trend to the micro digital operation,

Only in this way can we find the best way to transform.

You may as well search and download acloudear, a white paper on digital transformation of cross border e-commerce enterprises,

For your choice to provide more scientific and reasonable digital basis, in order to get twice the result with half the effort and choose correctly!

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