How to choose ERP software for machinery industry?

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We need to understand what digitalization has reshaped and what can change the enterprise? In short, it is empowering wisdom, and the next step is to reshape the enterprise. There are three aspects to reshape: business process, business model and working mode.

When it comes to digital transformation and ERP, enterprise managers in machinery manufacturing industry always feel headache. Headache in do not know how to choose, always repeatedly asked: machinery industry ERP software, how should we choose? Looking again and again, but always feel hopeless, lack of a similar beacon direction. In this case, we might as well follow the perspective of acloudear, an expert in the digital transformation of mechanical manufacturing, to sort out: how to choose ERP software for machinery manufacturing enterprises?

How to choose machinery manufacturing enterprises?

Usually, they will choose according to their own scale and manpower. But most enterprises often because: production is not smooth, financial management Although it may be effective and effective to take some ERP methods to treat headache and treat foot pain, the way of treating symptoms but not treating the root causes often brings a series of hidden dangers to enterprises. Acloudear, an expert in digital transformation of mechanical manufacturing and a platinum partner of sap, recorded an interesting phenomenon in its white paper on digital transformation of machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises. Many machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises still have a series of questions after ERP.

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In this case, we might as well take a look at those top 500 machinery manufacturing enterprises are generally using the mechanical industry ERP software is what?

ERP software adopted by 90% machinery manufacturing enterprises

99% of the machinery manufacturers in Forbes 2000 are using SAP solutions! Is it necessary for mechanical manufacturing enterprises to use SAP solutions? In the opinion of experts, it may not be true. The key is to know yourself and the other before you can understand what kind of ERP is more suitable for you.

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There are many points to choose. We should pay attention to the key points because of the length!

Why to use ERP is to take the high-speed train of industry 4.0 and digital era, so that machinery manufacturing enterprises can maintain a leading position. In this case, we need to understand what digital reshapes and what can change the enterprise? In short, it is empowering wisdom, and the next step is to reshape the enterprise. There are three aspects to reshape: business process, business model and working mode.

Do we need all of these three points? Of course not. At the beginning, we only need to grasp the remodeling of business processes, even if we have won 70% of the value. As for the remodeling of business model and working mode, these two are based on the first remodeling, and then continue to upgrade. Slowly, we can examine the flexibility of ERP software in the machinery industry from the perspective of development strategy.

The three elements deserve your special attention

No matter how perfect the ERP suppliers describe for you, experts tell you that as long as you grasp the three major elements, you can lay a solid foundation for the correctness of selecting ERP software in mechanical industry.

① Customer experience from end to end business processes

End to end, in short, it is a business closed loop, from the beginning to the end. We take business as an example, from the beginning of customers to business opportunities, to R & D, production, manufacturing and delivery, all the processes involve various departments of the enterprise. Once the departments in the business process are separated, the process will not be smooth, and ultimately lead to extremely poor consumer experience. Therefore, the construction of end-to-end business process is a strategic customer-centered thinking. Focusing on the remodeling and optimization of business process under this concept, we can truly reshape the business process and speed up the efficient operation of the enterprise’s supply chain and value chain.

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② Integrated system platform

After adopting ERP system in machinery industry, many enterprises encounter the trouble of system separation in various departments. All of them have been installed in the system, but they still have their own way, and the data is still not available. Or do you need to manually search for data and process matters offline? Is this also called automation and informatization? Obviously not. To choose ERP in mechanical industry, you have to see whether the financial, business, production, procurement, etc. are integrated on the same platform, and whether the data of each link and department is smooth. The most fear is to disguise comprehensive integration under the banner of industry and finance integration, which will easily lead to information island and information lag, and affect the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise decision-making.

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③ Cloud ERP is the best choice

Why cloud ERP instead of localized deployment? On the one hand, it has entered the Internet and cloud era; more importantly, mobile office and online processing can greatly improve efficiency, especially with the advent of 5g era, cloud is more convenient and efficient. Localization has long been unable to meet the needs of the present and the future. Of course, it is necessary to deeply understand whether the ERP supplier’s cloud is a public cloud or a private cloud, and whether it is a pure cloud.

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Above, is not how to choose the ERP software of mechanical industry have some new understanding? In fact, these are just a few simple, crude but effective selection strategies brought by acloudear, a digital transformation expert.

We want to find ERP that is really suitable for our own machinery manufacturing enterprises,

There is still a lot of work to be done to successfully realize the digital transformation of machinery manufacturing enterprises,

From the future trend to the industry pain point, from the direction of transformation to the solution suitable for itself,

You may as well search and download a secret collection of acloudear’s white paper on digital transformation of mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises,

Shorten the choice syndrome and go straight to the successful digital transformation.

This article "How to choose ERP software for machinery industry?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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