Acloudear: how to choose international CRM software and domestic CRM system?

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With the changes of the times and the market, the core value of CRM has been upgraded to bring excellent experience to customers and provide new customer experience management to promote the growth of business and profit.

How can customer development be so difficult, business opportunity management is also a mess, sales battle efficiency is worrying, project turnover rate is really poor As the most important part of the supply chain, how to maintain the customer relationship? How can managers not be impatient if the profits of enterprises are greatly reduced if they are not well maintained? Set up CRM management system, which is already the standard configuration for all profit-making enterprises. About how to choose this standard configuration, I’m not worried about CRM system. If it’s not easy to use, what you want to change is also in a hurry. Don’t worry! Digital customer management expert acloudear: how to choose international CRM software and domestic CRM?

What is the core value of CRM?

In the minds of most enterprise managers, the core value of CRM is to attract and retain customers and increase market and profit. However, with the changes of the times and the market, the core value of CRM has been upgraded to bring excellent experience to customers and provide new customer experience management to promote the growth of business and profit. After understanding the core value: how to choose international CRM software and domestic CRM system?

International CRM software is the top configuration, while domestic CRM system is standard configuration?

When it comes to international CRM software, most managers tend to have the illusion of buying a car and regard it as the top configuration of CRM. However, the domestic CRM system is more economical and affordable, which can be regarded as the standard configuration. Is that really right? In fact, it has entered a kind of tagging misunderstanding.

The domestic CRM system mainly aims at the actual management needs of enterprises and the level of informatization. It is relatively cheap and easy for enterprises to accept. The international CRM software, based on the value concept of “customer experience management in the new era”, is based on the open and agile digital platform operation, providing a comprehensive and interconnected solution for the demands of enterprises at all stages. Help enterprises to create differentiated advantages, promote business growth and provide excellent customer experience to win the experience economy era. In fact, international CRM software is more professional and comprehensive, flexible enough to choose from single to comprehensive combination solutions of marketing, sales and data.

Taking international CRM software as an example

Acloudear, an expert in digital transformation of international CRM software, demonstrated SAP C / 4 Hana solution in detail in his white paper on digital transformation of cross border operation of overseas enterprises – acloudear. It includes service cloud, sales cloud, e-commerce cloud, marketing cloud and customer data cloud, providing comprehensive accommodation for enterprises at all stages.

International CRM software 1

In contrast, many domestic CRM system brands have a relatively strong point. Those born with financial software pay more attention to finance. CRM software is not its strong point. Although there are single product functions that can meet the needs of enterprise customer management, although it can help marketing management and customer relationship management to a certain extent, in the new era of paying more attention to customer experience, it puts forward higher water for CRM management Enterprises that meet the requirements as well as those going out to sea seem to be weak.

SAP CRM software local solution presentation

Above, we have a look at the overall solutions of five CRM clouds of SAP C / 4 Hana, the international CRM software. Next, we will look at the advantages of some of the solutions. For example, customer service in the supply chain, SAP represented by international CRM software can realize end-to-end intelligent service experience, which is beyond the reach of domestic CRM.

International CRM software 2

Whether it is marketing management or enterprise compliance, the international CRM software represented by SAP pays more attention to following the international management mode, taking into account the demands of globalization and localization to help enterprises bring excellent experience to customers.

International CRM software 3

Of course, SAP also brings gdpr compliance one-stop solution for enterprises in the customer data cloud, which has become an important guarantee for enterprises to speed up the sea and develop continuously.

International CRM software 4

In fact, no matter whether they go abroad or not, they must comply with the challenges of the new customer experience management era, and always stay ahead in their own field. It is not only an open and open platform for the marketing and supply of the whole enterprise, but also an open platform for the marketing and supply of the whole enterprise. This is a business strategy that integrates methodology with software and technology.

The above is just a detailed demonstration of SAP C4 Hana as the solution of international CRM software, which has shown extraordinary strength. At this moment, perhaps the enterprise managers for their own choice should have their own answer.

We want to explore how CRM can enable enterprises to operate excellently,
You can search and download the white paper acloudear on the digital transformation of cross border operation of offshore enterprises,
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