Multinational engineering project management system software for international project management

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A good transnational project management software is not a project management software, but a digital management system covering all aspects of project management. Sap is one of the systems that are highly praised by international project managers.

One belt, one road to global economic integration, is undoubtedly a large-scale accelerator for China’s enterprises. With the surge of various overseas projects, there are complicated tests of political and economic environment, tax policies and foreign exchange risks before, and complicated and changeable project plans, complicated personnel, materials and expenses, opaque progress and difficult cost-benefit monitoring in the process of international project management after, which are a lot of problems that make the international project managers anxious. Delay in delivery, risk of default, extremely low project profit None of them is a sharp sword hanging from the head of the manager, which determines the success or failure of international projects. What should I do?

International project management software is a good way!
Nowadays, more and more international project management software seems to give a glimmer of light to international project managers who are in a complex and changeable situation. However, only the easy-to-use and powerful international project management system software can be a good way to solve the dilemma of international project management. Which is better?

Listen to the experts?
“When managing large-scale projects such as transnational projects, managers need to face a series of problems such as complex project planning, project resource coordination, project cost control, etc! To control the key risks of international project management and improve the success probability of the project, digitalization becomes the key. It can help international project managers bring efficient planning and transparent cost, so as to achieve more refined and transparent management. ” Acloudear, a digital management expert and SAP platinum partner, put forward the above opinions in the white paper on digital transformation of cross border operation of enterprises going to sea – acloudear.

International project management 1

What is a good international project management software?
International engineering project management involves project planning, resource allocation, supply chain integration and cost control. Therefore, project management is not isolated, but fully related to business, finance, procurement and even compliance. Therefore, a good transnational project management software is not a project management software, but a digital management system covering all aspects of project management. Sap is one of the systems that are highly praised by international project managers.

International project management 2

How to solve a series of problems?
In international project management, especially in international project management, cost control is one of the important aspects. If the cost is not well controlled, the profit will be affected finally. Once there is a negative profit, the project will fail. With the help of fee control cloud, SAP can successfully help international project management realize cost control.

International project management 3

To realize the efficient allocation of project resources, fine and transparent management, to solve a series of difficulties, such as opaque project progress, delivery delay, etc. SAP analysis cloud helps project managers to visually control the production, sales and financial management of enterprises in real time. Help enterprises to effectively allocate resources, achieve efficient planning, cost transparency.

International project management 4

Finally, as Chakib BOUHDARY, SAP’s executive vice president for global industry solutions and customer value, said in a statement: “while a high percentage of project profitability has been identified during the bidding phase, about half of projects do not have delivery plans – in fact, an average of 20% of project value is at risk.”

Good international project management and tools need to stand at the height of sea going and cross-border operation to comprehensively review and control project planning, resource allocation, supply chain integration and cost management, so as to build a more precise and transparent management solution for complex projects represented by digitalization. Maybe this is the essence and essence of international project management, especially international engineering project management. All of this can be easily done by SAP, and acloudear, a digital management expert, can also help enterprises realize it.

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