Why cloud ERP is the first choice for auto parts ERP system?

Author:Acloudear , 2021-03-13 21:28   
If auto parts enterprises want to succeed in digital transformation, it is not OK to choose an auto parts cloud ERP system. They need more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of digital trend, enterprise development strategy and enterprise digital construction.

“Is your company still using localized OP ERP? Quick response? After upgrading, do you still feel that you can’t keep up with the times? ”

In the field of auto parts, the chatting among the small partners of enterprises in the same industry is one hundred thousand. Why?

Whether right or not, at least some facts are reflected from one side: Nowadays cloud ERP has become a trend, while the traditional local deployment of ERP has lagged far behind the times in terms of consciousness and effect. In this case, we might as well follow such clues and logic to explore: Auto Parts ERP system, why the preferred cloud ERP? Such a topic.

If you are the first choice of cloud ERP, what are the reasons?

The cloud is convenient and efficient, and mobile office can be realized anytime and anywhere, which does not affect the progress of enterprise operation and department approval. It can be done by turning on the computer and mobile phone. It is a trend and trend. The advantages come out under the epidemic situation, and the company can operate normally without going to the company. For example, it also saves money and trouble. The servers are rented, and the security and server maintenance are all Party B’s, only Party B’s Need to configure on demand; some bosses even feel that network maintenance is not needed It seems that there are many advantages. Why don’t you use it?

In fact, there are difficulties without cloud

Reluctant to change: some auto parts enterprises with a strong sense of informatization and digitization began to accelerate the development of enterprise informatization very early. In the early years, localization deployment became the standard configuration of the times. Now that they have been on the system and spent money, they continue to update the version and then use it. Although the auto parts cloud ERP system is good, they are hesitant to face the digital transformation of enterprises, and big enterprises are still good, Small and medium-sized enterprises are often relatively difficult. Where is the difficulty? “Acloudear white paper on digital transformation of auto parts manufacturing enterprises” published by acloudear, an expert on digital transformation of auto parts enterprises and SAP platinum partner, has a sentence enough to summarize: “for some small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises with insufficient funds, technology, talents, etc., digital transformation is still a” flower in the dark “, I don’t know where to start.”

“In today’s era of big data, cloud technology, digitization, Internet of things and other cutting-edge technological changes, cloud ERP has unparalleled advantages of lightweight, flexibility and business orientation,” said acloudear, an expert on digital transformation of auto parts The reasons for choosing cloud ERP in the white paper are for your reference.

Auto parts ERP system 1

Cloud computing is an important part of global strategic emerging industries, and cloud ERP, represented by cloud computing, has become the most convenient it infrastructure to be popularized in the digital era with four characteristics. For traditional digitization, smart cloud ERP is undoubtedly the trend.

I know you are worried about the security of data on the cloud

What hacker attacks, what data leaks Any one of them may damage the enterprise, which is one of the important reasons why many people mind using cloud ERP. Once there is a huge risk of business secrets, it is better to choose the local deployment of auto parts ERP system. As a matter of fact, this is not a problem at all for SAP, a software giant in 48 years. SAP’s servers are located in China. Compared with the small partners who have experienced servers abroad, they think this is a great thing. How can their cloud ERP guarantee security?

Auto parts ERP system 2

Using a comprehensive method to ensure the security of customer data, data protection and continuous backup data.

There are four characteristics of cloud ERP system for auto parts

Auto parts ERP system 3

Do you have any other reasons to choose cloud ERP?

Auto parts companies want to succeed in digital transformation,

It’s not OK to choose an auto parts cloud ERP system,

We need to have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of digital trend, enterprise development strategy and enterprise digital construction,

Please search and download “acloudear white paper on digital transformation of auto parts manufacturing enterprises”

Help you and enterprises in-depth digital transformation, rapid upgrading of core competitiveness!

This article "Why cloud ERP is the first choice for auto parts ERP system?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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