With the help of digital labor force, can business process automation be realized?

Author:Acloudear , 2021-09-17 10:41   
The core is how to realize the perfect match between the business process of the enterprise and the modern intelligent robot technology。

In the digital economy and digital age, “digital labor” has become a fashionable and hot topic, and has become one of the symbols of dividing the tradition and avant-garde of enterprise management. Therefore, more and more enterprises focus on the digital labor force, hoping that they can easily surpass their competitors and realize digital management and process automation with the help of its efficiency. However, some painful cases warn us that the digital labor force / process automation robot is not as powerful as you think. It can solve all the problems as soon as it comes up, save manpower and automatically rotate others. Therefore, many enterprise managers began to question: with the help of digital labor, can they help themselves realize business process automation? Don’t worry, acloudear’s shared network, an enterprise operation digital strategy service provider, reveals the secrets for you at all levels.


First find out: what is digital labor?

What is “digital workforce”? It also has a familiar name “process automation robot RPA”. Compared with a large number of breakpoints in traditional management that require human intervention, process automation robots undoubtedly make enterprises more worry-free and let business processes run automatically, thus freeing more human resources. They don’t have to spend their energy on the process, but engage in more valuable strategic thinking. Bring more vitality and value to the business innovation of enterprises.



Look again: what are the leading digital workforce?

Conceptual things are not intuitive enough. Let’s list the world’s leading digital labor force. Perhaps you can understand the digital labor force (process automation robot RPA) on SAP BTP. What are employees of the digital workforce? 7 * 24-hour robots work autonomously, and employees only need supervision. Isn’t such a fully automatic digital employee excellent? Of course, it can also be a digital assistant who works together with humans to realize partial automation. Does it save a lot of manpower and labor force and can engage in other affairs with more value?



Digital labor needs to be based on smooth process

Understand the excellence of digital labor force, and then return to the query of managers at the beginning. Why, with the digital labor force, the problem still exists, or there are more problems, there are such feelings that it is counterproductive. Acloudear reveals a simple truth for you: only people can sort out and change the process, and tools can only optimize the process. Therefore, when enterprises blindly rely on digital labor before really combing their business processes, people can’t run. Can robots run through? This is an important reason why there are many problems. Because no matter how advanced the digital labor force is, it is impossible to match any enterprise 100%.



With the assistance of leading digital labor force, accelerating enterprise operation and management is the urgent demand of more and more thoughtful and visionary enterprises. However, before seeking the assistance of digital labor, enterprises urgently need to complete a series of homework. First, they must clarify and open up end-to-end business processes.


Therefore, either sort out the business processes themselves, or help enterprises sort out and get through the business processes with the help of digital strategy expert teams and consulting companies. Then seek the “process automation robot RPA” to optimize and simplify the business process, achieve the shortest end-to-end efficiency, and provide digital staff management by the robot, so as to greatly improve the business efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprise.


Its core lies in how to realize the perfect match between the enterprise’s own business process and modern intelligent robot technology. In this regard, acloudear network, a digital strategy service provider for enterprise operation, gives you a practical suggestion: you must have a high vision, first deeply understand the most leading, such as the process automation RPA on the sap BTP business platform mentioned earlier, and then find suitable solutions according to the actual situation of the enterprise, so as to help the enterprise give full play to the digital labor force, Truly realize the value of business process automation.

This article "With the help of digital labor force, can business process automation be realized?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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