Process automation system, how to realize business process automation?

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Process automation system can really help enterprises realize business process automation, improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance management competitiveness, but the methods and steps must be clear.

In the digital age, more and more enterprises are dreaming of enjoying the dividends of digital, AI, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies to improve the core competitiveness of enterprise management, especially business efficiency. Therefore, when a set can simplify the process, improve efficiency and reduce costs for the enterprise, you must be excited. If the other party tells you again that the process automation system can help the company realize the process automation. Are you a little overwhelmed? If your partner throws you a basin of cold water at this time: the company’s business process has not been passed, and all the previous systems have been opened? Do you doubt it again? A good thing suddenly became complicated and even began to question: how can I automate business processes? Don’t worry, let the enterprise operate the digital strategy service provider acloudear to enjoy the network to help you.


If you want to help enterprises realize business process automation, you can’t have a system alone. So how to find the right way? Find out three things first.


What is business process automation?

Business process automation (BPA) uses technology to automate activities or services that complete a special function or workflow. Business processes can be determined according to many different parts of the company’s activities, including sales, management, operation, supply chain, human resources and information technology.


How does the leading process automation system improve enterprise management?

Speaking of global leadership, we first recommend sap to see how SAP system helps enterprises realize business process automation. SAP adopts process automation robot RPA. If you think they just perform repetitive and complicated work by configuring automation script rules, that’s all, it underestimates the power of technology. More importantly, it can also have anthropomorphic behavior, interact with any application and business content, and realize various RPA business process automation scenarios. So as to check repeated manual labor, speed up enterprise operation affairs, fast and accurate document management and optimize working capital.



Briefly look at the achievements brought by SAP Business Process Automation from the “supplier invoice verification process”.



In fact, in many business processes, it not only automates the process, but also enables robots to be on duty 24 hours, and robots work together with employees. Greatly reduce the dependence on manpower and liberate manpower to engage in more and higher value affairs.


How to open up business processes and help process automation

The above facts prove that process automation can really help enterprises realize business process automation, improve efficiency and reduce costs. In order to avoid pitfalls, acloudear shared the network to tell you what you need to do before you use the process automation tool? Of course, it is better to sort out the business process, and it is better to realize the end-to-end business process。


There are too many breakpoints to realize process automation. There are many ways. Either the enterprise combs it by itself or completes it together with external consulting companies and enterprise strategic service providers. With such an end-to-end business process, it is best to select a suitable business process automation system to help enterprises realize business integration, so as to help fully open up the business process, eliminate the breakpoints between business processes and make the business journey smooth. At the same time, it can lay a good foundation for the intervention of business process automation system, simplifying process, optimizing process, and robot replacing labor.


Finally, it is concluded that process automation system can really help enterprises realize business process automation, improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance management competitiveness, but the methods and steps must be clear.


If you want to realize business process automation for enterprises, you must start with the leading, and deeply understand how SAP intelligent RPA business process automation system helps enterprises, and how 186 scenarios applicable to different business departments bring efficient automated operation and improve management competitiveness.

This article "Process automation system, how to realize business process automation?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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