One article understands: Is it important to digital transformation consultation?

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Digital transformation consulting will eventually bring our enterprises with transformation demands that conform to enterprise differentiation, so as to build a road map of digital transformation.

In fact, different entrepreneurs and executives have different views on “digital transformation consulting”. Few entrepreneurs and executives believe that “digital transformation consulting” is very important and must be highly valued, because it is related to the future business, digital strategy and transformation success or failure of enterprises. However, most of them have different views. They even regard digital transformation consulting services as “giveaways” of technology construction. Isn’t it the additional services you bring us when we buy your system? So many enterprise management partners can’t help asking: Is digital transformation consulting important?



Today, Acloudear, an expert in enterprise digital transformation strategy, comes to make in-depth analysis and insight into such a sensitive topic.


Digital transformation consulting is a “gift”?


Once, Li Yuheng, the digital strategy consulting partner of iResearch, shared such a view: “Many entrepreneurs or executives will think that the investment in the early stage of digital transformation is the technical investment in the implementation of digital system construction, which is actually only a part of it. They ignore the value of technical consulting services that need to be done before investing in some technical construction, but regard consulting services as’ gifts’ of technical construction.”


The reason for such recognition is often that they equate digital transformation with the construction and implementation of digital systems. For example, if you sell our software system, you must come to the pre-sales consultation to understand our company, provide solutions to our problems, and help our company solve them through software. Therefore, when our enterprises are accustomed to such a mode of thinking: digital transformation consulting becomes a mere understatement, and naturally becomes a “accessory” of the system.


What is the real identity of digital transformation consulting?


If we have to analyze the role and identity of digital transformation consulting and digital transformation consulting companies, we might as well use the familiar doctor-patient relationship as a metaphor. Our small and medium-sized enterprises often have this or that kind of digital transformation problem. Our digital transformation consulting company is equivalent to a specialized hospital, and the digital transformation consulting team is equivalent to the expert team of a specialized hospital.



How can an effective solution be developed if the expert team does not deeply understand the disease and cause? If there is no effective solution, can we really get rid of the disease by taking drugs randomly (on the system)? Is this pair in awe of our experts in digital transformation consulting? It turns out that finding them is the key. So, to sum up, what is the real identity of digital transformation consulting? Experts like Huaxi Hospital sit in for consultation, take a picture of the problems of the enterprise, and then figure out the current business pain points facing the enterprise, hoping to obtain what kind of ideal business status and development in the future.


All of this is clear, then digital transformation consulting will eventually bring our enterprises with transformation demands that conform to enterprise differentiation, so as to build a road map of digital transformation, which will be divided into stages and courses of treatment, and then what combination of drugs (what brand and what system) will be the best solution.


How to choose a digital transformation consulting company?


After our entrepreneurs and executives understand the significance and value of digital transformation consulting and digital business consulting. The first question is: how to choose a digital transformation consulting company? Generally, there are six kinds of companies on the market: technical consulting, management consulting, technical service and outsourcing, digital creativity and agency, enterprise software companies, cloud platform companies, which can do digital transformation consulting for our enterprises.



We find a list of the support provided by iResearch Consulting for these six categories of digital transformation consulting companies from business and management consulting to cloud platform. You can find your own digital transformation consulting company according to your actual situation.


How important is digital transformation consulting? Of course it is. More importantly, only by finding the right digital transformation consulting company can we truly diagnose our enterprise effectively and provide solutions that meet our own development. For more relevant content, click the link below to deeply analyze your enterprise digital foundation with our enterprise digital strategy consulting experts:


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