How to choose a reasonable digital transformation path for SMEs?

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Enterprise digital transformation is a long-term journey of change

When we talk about the digital transformation of enterprises, we cannot leave the path of digital transformation. If our enterprise is not even clear about the path of digital transformation, how dare we turn? Where on earth should I turn? Of course not! For example, when we do business, the business model has not been built, so we rush in and start to work. We have invested a lot of money in our business, and the cost of manpower, material resources and time has gone to a lot. Finally, we find that we can’t make it, or we have to start over again. Is it hard? So now we understand how important it is to have a reasonable and pragmatic digital transformation path and a professional digital road map. Then, experts on the path of digital transformation have different opinions. Some suggestions are completely subverted, some are partially promoted, some emphasize starting from the business, and some say to solve the pain first… Our managers are confused for a moment. Who should listen to?



In this issue, Acloudear, an enterprise digital transformation strategy expert, will help you find your own transformation path as soon as possible by choosing a reasonable digital transformation path.


Why do experts insist on the path of digital transformation?


When it comes to the path of digital transformation, the most common feedback is that experts have different opinions. Why does this happen? We use a sentence in the preface of the book Digital Butterfly Change by Zhao Xingfeng, a well-known digital transformation expert in China.


“Every expert has a different perspective on digital transformation, some from the perspective of digital intelligent hardware construction, some from the perspective of information technology upgrading, some from the perspective of data collection, data management and data governance, some from the perspective of data value mining, some from the perspective of application scenarios, and some from the perspective of specific industry cases…” In fact, not only experts, but also for the path of digital transformation, Mr. Zhao himself also proposed several different paths.


How do experts suggest the path of digital transformation?


Let’s have a look first. What will Mr. Zhao Xingfeng think? Mr. Zhao did not directly say what kind of method to choose, but brought us a change drawing around four quadrants from the scope of change. They correspond to four different transformation modes, namely, “innovation”, “transition”, “lean” and “enhancement”.



More like a formula, enterprises can position themselves in the four quadrants according to their current situation, whether to comprehensively promote or focus on breakthroughs, and then adopt which model according to specific segmentation. Of course, no matter how you choose, you must formulate your own digital strategy according to your own strategy and build a digital transformation line.


Let’s see how Mr. Li Yuheng, the digital strategy consulting partner of iResearch, suggests? His suggestions are: overall planning, local first, demand driven layout of enterprise digitalization,



At the same time, he also stressed that “digital transformation is a long-term and arduous work. When making specific digital transformation arrangements and deployments, enterprises need to first do overall thinking and planning, including the direction of digitalization, how to carry out digitalization, the process and key initiatives of each step, and the final effects and goals of digitalization at different stages.” Our enterprise needs to have the concept of “overall planning, local first”. At the stage nodes of digital transformation, we need to focus on our own business needs and daily pain points. In order to identify which initiatives need to be prioritized in the process of digital transformation.


How can the path of digital transformation fit the enterprise?


Based on the insights of the two experts mentioned above, the suggestions given by the digital strategic transformation experts of enterprises are similar. We are well aware that enterprise digital transformation is a long-term journey of change. Before we begin, we need to know ourselves and the other, understand the foundation of enterprise digital transformation, plan the overall transformation path of the enterprise from a global perspective, formulate the transformation objectives at different stages and nodes based on the planning, and gradually promote them, so as to achieve the success of transformation step by step.


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